Squats Myths Smashed


Hey Guys!

How you doing? I love the comments I got from my post on Instagram, when I asked if I should write about squats, I mean you guys want this post and you know you lead I follow and if you’re not following me on Instagram watchu waiting for?

Squats myths had to be the topic of discussion because I get a lot of dms on Instagram and most people are getting it all wrong so I wanted to kick some myths out of your system ,lets dive in.

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DIY Egg & Tissue Facial mask


Welcome back! Hope you’re having a great day and if you’re new here HI!  Make sure you say Hi below.

If you have oily skin you’ll know that your face has a mind of its own, so today’s DIY is about this inexpensive, effective (Amazing) facial mask, want to know the details? Let’s go!

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Lets talk About Pimples & How to Let Your Face Breath


Before getting into this post, I have to say Rest In Peace Mohammad Ali *The Greatest of All Time*

I have experimented with lots of products, posted a lot on how to care for your face but the most important Is allowing your face breath.
I started having pimples 7-8 years ago….yess! ..I know, been a while yea?

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