Squats Myths Smashed


Hey Guys!

How you doing? I love the comments I got from my post on Instagram, when I asked if I should write about squats, I mean you guys want this post and you know you lead I follow and if you’re not following me on Instagram watchu waiting for?

Squats myths had to be the topic of discussion because I get a lot of dms on Instagram and most people are getting it all wrong so I wanted to kick some myths out of your system ,lets dive in.

Squats do not make your bum strong

I remember one day at the gym, someone came to me like –  squats will make your bum strong, you should stop. I honestly did not say anything because I’m tired of arguing about squats making your bum strong

I have what I call extra soft ass commonly called water bum bum and since I started squatting, nothing has changed apart from the obvious increase in my butt of course. “wink” Squats help build your leg muscles – your hamstrings, calves and quads not your skin.


Squats are not bad for the back

Squatting will indeed place pressure along the lever length. However a correct squat technique will not hurt your back, don’t listen to the only count the deep squats or only deep squats work talk, with weight I do not carry out deep squats and my squats have been effective, it’s more about balance and also its quality over quantity, if you can do 30 squats perfectly, yes please! It’s far more effective than doing 70 in an incorrect posture that can hurt your kneels.

You do not have to squat everyday

Muscles that have been heavily taxed need a chance to heal them, if you’re currently following any butt work out challenge or 30 days squats challenge and the app or image does not have a rest day, DELETE the app or picture, rest days are extremely important.

I wrote about the App I use HERE it also shows you how to squat properly and different type of squats – 30 Days Squat Challenge

Working out those muscles every day breaks them down without giving them time to rebuild and recover, which can lead to muscle wastage and actually give you the opposite of the result you’re looking for. Muscles need time to recover from exercise – Expertrain


Squats do!!!! work

I asked on twitter about things that discourage ladies from squatting and someone said I don’t believe it works, I have to say that it’s the first time I’m hearing that someone thinks squats don’t work and I was quite surprised but I guess I don’t have to convince you guys that they work right, I mean my pictures and thousands of pictures in Instagram will convince you that it does.


Squats are not just for girls

This is another myth from twitter you guys, squats are amazing for men when it comes to building muscles there is arguably no other exercise that works more muscles than the squat.


You should know that

Your heels should be on the floor when squatting, don’t squat on your feet that will tone your thighs only.

Your thighs will hurt you and walking, HELL standing up will be difficult, there are days that you’ll want to quit because you THINK there are no changes probably because you’re comparing your body to someone else’s, people are different and my body is different from yours, someone is noticing results in one week does not mean you’re doing yours wrongly (be sure you’re not) and that you won’t see yours in 2-3 weeks, I mean that’s the ideal time.

Throughout this journey you need to be patient with yourself and try your best not to give up, if you’ve been squatting for 2-3 weeks and you’re not noticing any results you might need to add resistance (weights) and you don’t have to go heavy like them instagram girls, chances are they have been squatting for years.

Big changes take time and consistency.

I don’t know how else to say have fun, feel the pain and enjoy every bit of the journey

With Love

Funke ♥


41 thoughts on “Squats Myths Smashed

  1. I knew squats always work right from Secondary school cause we used to console ourselves with the fact that our bums would get bigger when we are serving the punishment “squat and fly your arms”. Gosh. Then sometime on twitter I also saw something like squats being a fad and not actually working. Thanks for treating this topic. Whew, you’re Fitfam inspiration oh.


  2. I can remember when I was so determined to do squats…even with my sizeable ass(kinda big). I could not function well for a week. My legs ached Like crazy!!! After that experience I never tried it again.


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  3. Omg dat arse lol, so water bumbum z a thing? I tot my sisters made dat thing up for me o lol, i v a huge behind too but i nided it to be lifted nd firm kinda so i started d squat challenge nd it’s bin working 😉 i actually squat evryday but dat z cos my sister was lyk when i stop it it will deform my bum, biko i didn’t want dat so i do it evryday but nao that U’re saying we can v rest days ni problem, I’d just stick to thrice a week den.

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  4. Hello miss water bum bum, am your long lost friend, glad to meet with you again, don’t always forget to tell our fellow water bumbums that squating can’t change/hardness our God’s given gift😁.

    Thanku ma, I was used to squatting, till I stopped, now, starting the whole fitness journey is hard mehnnn, yesterday I could hardly complete ten planks, but I did 75squat 💪.
    BTW, that app is helpful, it serves as a reminder, downloaded some other app from them too.


  5. I agree with some of your points here. As a CFT, I am dissecting it with the knowledge I do have from my studies. I wouldn’t say squats are not bad for your back in a general way as everyone is different– I’ve dealt with clients and know some bodybuilders who really cannot squat even as a beginner due to having a bad back. There are still many alternatives to getting that movement in without pressure on your back, though. I do agree that you do not have to squat everyday or squat to the floor each time.


  6. I am team slim and straight girl.. Wish we could easily exchange bum-bum, you take mine and work on it, while i take yours that is already worked and bigger…. After all what are friends for? lol..

    Exercise is really good and i can preach it but i feel so lazy except it is really necessary to work out especially whenever i feel my tummy is protruding.

    Nice piece Funke..



  7. 3years ago I was litt on my squatting game and it felt amazing. But with genes like mine, it took longer to get my desired butt size compared to you people that already have bumbum and I don’t know why you’re squatting *side eye*

    But yeah I stopped. Started this January again because summer bod has to be litt this year! No more Asian booty 😂😭😭😭 and yes squats don’t make your butt strong lol


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  8. Awesome post! I love that more and more women are jumping on the strength training wagon. Makes me happy to see other women in the weight room with me and not glued to the cardio machines. I used to be a personal trainer and squats was my #1 exercise I’d tell clients to do if they want to build a booty.

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  10. When it comes to squats or any exercise for that matter, form is the key! You just have to make sure you got the right form. If you have the right form, just ten to fifteen squats will be good (they’re effective like that)!


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