Review on Broken Wishbones & empty spaces


Title : Broken Wishbones & empty spaces

Author : Pyrokardia (Ogunfowodu Olufemi).

Illustrator : Nooran Moovsi

Genre : poetry

Number of pages : 108

This book is one centered around being broken, I’ve never read a book that made being broken so painful and yet amazing, his use of words in this book is exceptional, the way he related heartbreak with nature, archaeology, bones, flames, spaces, oxygen, tombstone, stars & the moon shows his creativity and the truthfulness on every page, it’s like a bare it all book because he brought his heart out.

The illustrations were perfect and they added more meaning to every page.

Although there was repetition of some words, every page made me feel a different way.

I’ve read this particular collection not just twice because it was so relatable and it felt as if he took some words that were buried somewhere in me out.

This book is a must read for anyone that has ever been broken and especially for the one trying to love a broken person, it will give you an insight to what it feels like. What if feels like to see love as a beautiful feeling that someone cannot feel with you

This book will be released on the 22nd of January and you can check out Pyrokardia on instagram HERE to read his amazing words


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