Why I’ve been away and Habits I’m dropping in 2017



Hello and Happy New Year since I’ve not said that, Hell. Did I even wish you a merry Christmas? Guess I’ll have to wait till next year then.

It’s funny how time flies I have to say, I told myself that I’ll try my best to get over my writers block and balance my blog and the stress of being in final year in a university like mine. But that was November and now here we are in January.


I really do not know how to apologize for being away from this space for the longest time ever, I stopped writing because of writers block and then my education took over and me wanting to re-brand – I wanted to host my website and redesign and I didn’t want to post till then, but it’s not happening now so I’ve decided to continue posting till I get what I want.


One of the reasons is because I’m on a tight budget so it’s pricier that I initially expected. But I’ve devised a way to make money online and ill love to share that with you guys in one of my posts, so if you’re on a tight budget like me you want to watch out for that post.


You guys I even stopped reading most of my favorite blogs because they just remind me that I’ve not been consistent. I can’t wait to start posting again and start hearing from you.


And for those that took out time to message me and asked why I’ve not been posting, I deeply appreciate from the bottom of my heart and you actually gave me the ginger to do something.


Habits I’m dropping in 2017


If you’re an avid reader of my blog you might have read that I wanted to stop drinking alcohol in one of my posts but…… you guys life happened and one sip just turned to gulp which you know how the story goes, but I was clean for 8 months tho or is it sober? That counts right? Oh well, I plan on taking that very seriously.



I think this is in almost everyone’s list of Bad Habits, it’s so difficult not to procrastinate especially with the way life happens, with God’s grace I hope I can really stop procrastinating.


Paying attention to future suckers

Future suckers because that’s how I want to describe them, to those people that feed you with the negative part of everything. Nothing positive comes out from their mouth and they use the excuse that they are being blunt or something, I beg you to delete such from your life, they will drain away your energy


Work out more

If you’re following me on instagram @funkeolotu, you’ll notice that I’ve been posting about my fitness a lot and I’m shifting all that to the blog soooo ill be posting about fitness a lot and it’s an aspect that I wish to build a career on later in life.



How’s 2017 treating you? Which habits are you dropping? Did you miss me? Let me know, ill love to hear from you. Its been so long.



40 thoughts on “Why I’ve been away and Habits I’m dropping in 2017

  1. Welcome back, Funke!
    You’re not alone in that writer’s block–I’ve been on one, too. Can’t wait to see your posts for 2017 esp in fitness! Maybe we can do some type of collab 😊 So far my yr has been incredibly busybut all for good! Here’s to a FANTASTIC YEAR!


  2. It’s nice to have you back Funke
    Sorry for the block.
    I relate to your desire to rebrand because I’m on that road too
    I love your Instagram content
    I am also working towards staying fit and eating healthy
    Looking forward to the post on being on a tight budget
    All the best to us
    Happy new year love



  3. Funkee! Welcome back. I know I didn’t check on you but I still always came here to check for a new post. I kind of figured it was final year ish. Hope you’re good. I never really thought about dropping habits but now that I’ve read this, I think I’d want to drop regret and dread. They killjoy and just suffocate. Whew. Happy New Year dear. Hope you have a great one. Love the new blog look. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey b 😊, its really been long since you last posted. Though I didn’t ask why but whenever I check your blog or see a picture on your Instagram, I usually hope it’s a new post 😦😧.
    Can’t wait to read more of your posts this year… As for the writers block, I can totally relate b… I had it for a long time but I’m working on it.
    Also I’d advice that you should make a timetable for when you want to post esp. on days when your timetable (school) isn’t clumsy (has been working for me)…
    Debbrah_ 😘


  5. My funke!! You’re not alone in all these especially that writers block and procrastination but God will help someone, your Instagram posts have been amazing especially all those your work out videos. Keep it up! Looking forward to your next post (I hope it’s on that making money online because I really need that info) 💕💋


  6. Funke i misssssssed you 😘writer’s block z d devil lol i cast nd bind it in Jesus name 😊 u myt not know dis but ur work posts v really inspired me, i squat lyk every day nao so I’d love to see ur routines incorporated ere especially how u get dose killer abs 😉 what I’m dropping dis year? Well, negative pple most def, I’m done trying to please pple, I’m done with things getting to me. Happy new year love


  7. I no go gree oo…Funke, you owe us more apologies oh!!! lols. am just kidding, so glad to have you back!!! been waiting forever for a new post, I was so close to dming you if you were giving up. on blogging. but I didn’t wanna be a weirdo!! anyways, Happy New Year!! and I hope you get rid of all those damn suckers!!



  8. Hey i am looking forward to your post about making money online :)) also, I have a plank challenge going on for beginners that i made to get me back in shape lol so if you’re interested you might wanna give it a try too! It’s a quick 20 day challenge :))
    Looking forward to following along on your posts now that you’re back at it!


  9. Good thou are back and don’t ever run away this long again or else I will report you to daddy….lol… God to have you back.

    Happy new yearyear



  10. Number 1: You hair is life right now, I wish I had done bantu knots before I locked my hair but such is life…

    I have no plans for 2017 but the same plans of 2016 and the year before. Keep grinding. A new year makes no difference to me. A new calendar year means nothing to me. It don’t watch dates, I watch time.

    Welcome back to blogging sistren. We all want the perfect setup and then we start working but I like that you realized is best to keep going until you get what you want.

    Blog shot! I love that you’re getting so much feedback from your followers. Appreciate that people really like your work. I see blogs with over 500 subscribers and no comments. Strange… but true.

    Continue building your brand!

    — Blessings


    1. My God, you made my day with this beautiful comment, Thank you dear and as for my comments my readers are the best! they are so inspiring and they motivate me.

      And I love your spirit I must say, Keep grinding and I pray that God bless your hustle

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  11. Tbh o don’t have much problem with alcohol (I actually dislike it) but procrastination is a real issue, sometimes I know I have to do something but it just feels like a drag to do it…
    Another form of procrastination is starting something then cos I’m not flowing switching to a less important task or getting carried away (I have a short attention span 😥😭😭)
    I guess it’s safe to say everyone has had to deal with procrastination at one point in time and we should constantly work on it as it’s a recurring issue.


  12. I forgot to mention the rebranding stuff, I just launched my blog but I’m already thinking of rebranding cos I hate the look already. I guess I just have to take a cue from you and keep on posting.


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