Removes Cobwebs

Hello! It’s been how many days?

I’ve missed this space and you guys so much! missed me?

I appreciate everyone that took their time to fill my survey, I’m really grateful and it’s good to know that most of you will read whatever I write, such an ego booster, also for your supportive words and constructive criticism.

I apologize for not posting for a while, was preparing for school and I was not in a good place emotionally.

This is the second time I’m collaborating with Joepeak, he’s a great stylist, like a street style king.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Our outfit is perfect for winter and the cold mornings in Nigeria.


I was wearing a ripped denim pant and riped denim jacket with a white shirt, I switched my shoes so you guys should let me know which you prefer. what are your thoughts on our outfit? more outfit post from our collaboration will be on the blog soon.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset



32 thoughts on “Blogger Collaboration – Outfit Post

  1. Love your white jeans pants.. And his outfits.. Why him come de cover face na? Him de shame? Lol…

    Nice and beautiful combination…


  2. Yay welcome back! 2016 has been such a roller coaster for me emotionally so I feel ya! Hope things are looking up for you now. For street style, I would definitely pick the white sneakers. I matches well with the overall aesthetic of the look. Great pics, love!!!


  3. Love d rocker-chic look πŸ‘ nd guys with style omg 😍 both shoes work for me tho, cud pair d white ones with an all-white outfit paired with d denim jacket, nd den d blue ones for an-all denim outfit, both shoes work anywayπŸ‘Œ


  4. Street style awesomeness. This is so perfect for Harmattan mornings. And I really love your white sneakers. They are so nice. What brand are they please?


  5. I love the white shoe.
    So stunningly and blindingly white……I know, those probably aren’t real words.
    I would have been too nervous of getting it dirty to buy or even wear sef.


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