How To Keep Your Readers Coming Back



Today’s post is for my blogger pals. We all know blogging is not easy and having a large audience is every bloggers dream, can we agree on that?
Getting people to view your blog is hard talk less of getting them to come back.

So I’ll be sharing 5 ways on how to keep your readers coming back to your blog.

Post Post Post

I follow a lot of blogs, trust me. A lot and the blogs that are updated less than /3 times in 2 weeks I visit once in two weeks because it’s easy to catch up, but over 3 times in two weeks I’m bound to check more than once weekly.
But then if posting 3 times is the only way you can be consistent, stick with it.

Create Killer contents

This is the key! you don’t go on a second date with someone you don’t dig at all right?

If your blog sucks the first time someone visits, they are not going to visit again for a very long time. There are millions of blogs out there, a lot of bloggers in your niche, you have to create killer contents to be taken seriously, add personality, get personal, blogs without that are boring, this is the era of spice, the era of good content is over, the competition is tight, but wait is blogging a competition? Another post topic.

Blog theme

If your theme sucks work on it, it might not be where you want it to be but it should be easy to navigate through, your comment section should not be broken, your fonts should not be too tiny or too fancy to read, all in all have an attractive & responsive theme

Reply comments

I mentioned in my first blogging tips post that replying comments is important because your readers feel more appreciated and with that they are bound to come back and back.


Regularly promote on Social Media

You have to alert your followers of any new post in every social platform that you’re in, here’s a social media cheat sheet




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48 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Readers Coming Back

  1. Cool… The post post post, I have discovered so many bloggers find it hard to do.. Its not easy though cracking your head for what to write, but whatever the situation, try posting at least one article a week..

    Sometimes even when I want to write an article, the inspiration is not there and I find myself just staring at my PC totally lost.. That’s blogging though.

    New post: Fruits to help you lose weight in 2017.


  2. These tips are actually very helpful. Posting regular and a clean theme, I feel is important because there are some blogs I check only once a month because I know if I go back there won’t be anything new to see. Also, if a blog theme is just not right, it drives me away. That’s why I try to also look for more themes and I keep switching till I find one that suits my blog. Getting personal with my blog is something I’m working on, I don’t know why but I find it difficult to open up but with a blog it’s easier because it’s like writing in a personal diary except the fact that it’s not so personal, lol.


  3. So nice of u to share Funke, i really do hope to go baq to blogging soon. U’re so ryt about dese things plus quality pictures too. Sumbody z being consistent yaaay 😉 isn’t dis lyk d third post in a week or so? Kip it up dear, u’ve got a fan in me 😘


  4. I love your tips and I totally agree with you on making your post personal and having your voice and style. In fact, I am learning that from you. I love your direct and honest way of blogging. Keeps me coming back for more !


  5. I love this post!! I’ve only been blogging for 5 months so this whole thing is still kind of new to me. I appreciate you sharing your tips and being so transparent 🙂 x


  6. Haha, interesting! I really wish there was an automatic button that could do the post sharing for me as well. I think that’s one of ‘we bloggers’ major weaknesses. Also, I believe when people have come to know you, and how you always deliver, they won’t stop promoting your posts, especially if it edified them and they need it to edify/inspire others too.

    I’ve had experiences where people kept sharing and tagging some of my articles and stories on the blog and readers will tell me someone told them about my blog, someone shared my content, etc. So good content bring people in, and once they realise how much effort you put into it, they’ll keep coming.
    Happy blogging Funke! xx


  7. Am taking notes soooo Fast it is like am in a lecture hall right now…. Honestly, I can’t help but be obsessed over your blogging tips cause you are not highended and using words that will confuse me 😕 ….p. S actually wanna ask a favor *hides face*


  8. I think the best way to deal with consistency is to plan ahead…
    Have some sort of timetable you follow and also write articles ahead of the time you want to post then just schedule it.

    I know it’s easier said than done, I just started a new blog ( and I’m struggling with that already. So that’s what I plan on doing, writing my articles a full week ahead and scheduling the post.


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