Guys, I almost got played!


You guys I’m sad, like really sad

This guy has been talking to me for a while now, since I was in my last relationship, of course I payed no attention to him then and I’ve been single for over 5 months so you can imagine how long he’s been talking to me

I never really took him seriously But these past few weeks, he has been serious and I’ve been wanting him more and more, I considered giving him a chance but something was still holding me back, I think it was the fear of me falling out of love like I did with my ex, you can read about that Here Β or just a feeling that he was not the right person.

So I wanted to take my time, I wanted to be sure of myself.

Then lo and behold I was talking to one of my male friends that was with him recently and you know we girls once we are into a guy we want to know everything!

So I brought his name up in our conversation and he was said oh him, he has this and that, then I heard that he is in a relationship with some girl and has been for over 5 years, he said it casually because he didn’t know that the guy was asking me out ( one reason why you should not tell people your business, if he knew he might have held back,you know? Guy code


Over 5 YEARS!!! like who does that to someone he has been with for over five years! And wait to me! My ex is probably laughing at this post, I hate you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I’ll be in his crib with my shorts and crop top then someone will ring the bell and I’ll go and open it and she’ll ask who I am and I’ll say I’m his girlfriend and she’ll tell me that she’s his babe for over 5 years! I actually imagined this happening if I had agreed.

I pity the girl so much! When you’ve been in a relationship that long, you feel secure with that person and she’s probably waiting for the ring.
And the guy is just a big asshole! 5 years is nothing?! What if he gets caught cheating, he’ll throw away 5 years of being with someone

I could not help but imagine what would have happened to my heart if I had agreed, I’ll be devastated, what will be my story ( am I over reacting?😁 This post would have been entirely different. I thank God.

I hope I’m not over reacting πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

I pray something happens soon, she either find out that he’s a fuvkboy ( she does not know yet because I don’t know her or have her contact, if not! I will tell her because we ladies should be holding ourselves down and not allowing other ladies fall for these type of loosers or maybe because I’m just pained hahaπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‚

Have you ever been in this type of mess? One word for this guy



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54 thoughts on “Guys, I almost got played!

  1. Such a goat! (Lol, pardon my language if it was too harsh).
    Guys can be so disappointing
    I know this one guy, known him for years, had a crush on him all through my high school,but in ss3, that died down.
    He was perfect — cute, smart, “Christian”, always in church and dragging me along all the time!
    Then he asked me out last year, I told him I had someone else, but I felt like “Mehn, see the good guy I had to let go.”
    Just last night, I was gisting with his Bestie and told him everything, and his best friend told me so much I was stunned
    Apparently this boy is a baaad player
    Over 12 girls at once
    Dated one for up to five years before she found out
    I was so disappointed last night — how pathetic.
    Still trying to get over it .

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  2. That is nothing. Try ten years. I had met a guy on Tinder and we talked for a month. Things were going pretty well and we intended to meet that day. Suddenly, I get a text from him stating that he really had no interest all along and was just leading me on. I was very hurt. I screenshot it, found his gf’s contact info on FB, and sent it to her thru messenger. When she finally replied, it turned out she was the one who sent that! And they’d been together for a decade. I don’t know if she was in on the trick, but I was pissed. I checked her FB out of curiousity later, only to find out she was now engaged to this person. What the fuck?

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  3. I’m glad you really found out real quick!!! It would have been a total mess for both you and the ‘original’ girlfriend.

    Some men deserve to have their D seized from them until they need it.

    I know a dude who has dated a girl for 8years and girl was patiently waiting for the ring only to find out dude has gotten someone else pregnant!!! Imagine her horror and shock, she couldn’t understand. While some fraction were telling her to stick with her bobo cos the other chic is only a babymama and the child was a ‘mistake’, her guts told her she can’t trust dude again.

    Fast forward to few months later…very few months after she decided to let go. She found out dude is getting married to the girl.


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  4. Chai! Guys of nowadays ehn. I pity the poor girl thinking she has found sensible partner. Thank God you didn’t fall into the trap. That’s one of the reasons why it’s good to dig in properly before diving into a reason. There was one guy like that I know who was professing love even though he had a girlfriend on the side. He even like she was travelling overseas and they had broken up. Lol people need to learn the act of being sincere.


  5. Lmao it’s the norm with Nigerian men these days. I don’t even understand the kinda demon that is possessing them of late. And as for telling the girl, trusss me sis, she prolly know the konda man she’s dating and isn’t ready to go anywhere . For him to have been that fervent with you, he must have been doing the same with others. Just be glad u dodged the bullet this time. There are many more lying asses out there


  6. Oh! Lol! That’s men for you. Just like when they are married ( one female for a long while) , they Wld want to cheat. You Wld have been a side piece or sarewagba πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ . You should have confronted him & insult him sef, it would leave him shocked 😹.


  7. Oh woaw. LoL. I think it’s almost all men like when they are married (one female for a long time) they Wld want to cheat. God saved you 😹You Wld have been side meat. You should have confronted him & insulted him , block him ontop it would have left him shook. Stupid somebody πŸ–•πŸ½πŸ˜Ή


  8. Excuse my language. But the guy is a hypocrite and a big fool, so he has been in a relationship for over 5 years which is not beans and he is busy playing the innocent girl and trying to play you who just got out of a relationship. He clearly doesn’t have respect for the girl and their 5 years relationship, I actually pity her though I pray she finds out soon, and I’m sure the poor girl is waiting for marriage. It would be best if he actually breaks up with her so he can give another sensible guy the chance to treat her well since the small boy still wants to be paying games. Thank God you got to know on time, considering your heart is still fragile cause you just came out of a relationship. Men these days especially these nigerian guys, lesson for us girls to be smart and getting our facts right before giving any guy a chance.


  9. Lol this is the reason I stalk any guy who’s interested in me, I become friends with whoevwe is close to them, find out all the important details. Because I can’t make the mistake of getting attached to an already taken or about to go the altar guy. Well… I understand what you’re going through, I experienced such some months ago but I’m over it. A good guy would come your way ❀❀❀


  10. Guys and infidelity, like bread and butter… I wish I could paste that President Zuma’s famous picture with his hands point in same direction to describe when two people or things are compatible..

    Some guys are still good sha, but when you meet the wrong ones, chai, make I stop am here, lol..

    Good you got to know quick.


  11. fuck boy oshi, smh. who knows, d girl myt know her man z a fuck boy md z just hoping he’d change somehow, God will take her out of der if she’s not blocking him from doin so. tnx for sharing


  12. Men are always the greedy ones when it comes to relationship my dear. Like they say;

    “Women are like fruits that come in various shapes, colours and sizes but what men want is Fruit Salad”

    They are never satisfied!


  13. There are actually good guys out there but boys like this just want to rubbish everyone’s name. Thank God you found out early, i’m not for you telling the girlfriend tho; these days you try and help somebody and they would find a way to make you the bad person. She might confront him and he would paint you as the bad person, she would say you want to snatch her man; so just leave her be.
    She might already know sef and is just hoping for him to change (hopefully not)


  14. I had a very similar experience o! This one was even a fiance seff which my aunt knew. I caught him red handed and still lied to me.. I don’t understand the matter with guys o


  15. It’s funny how these guys want to eat their cake and have it. You have a spouse. You want someone else. Do right and end things, or let the other you want on the side have a knowledge so she’ll be on it and decide herself whether to be a jerk and date someone else’s spouse…

    I don’t understand guys at all


  16. All I can say is >> may God bless us with our own correct Bobo Amen.
    It’s also high time women listen to their guts, no matter how perfect the lay may be the flaws may outshine once it shows. We’re all blessed to have instincts, sometimes more than often we shrug them off.


  17. I love your blog. So real.i like this post and the one about boarding school. I found a kindred soul in that post about boarding school. I hated it. And a federal government one for that matter so Imagine the drama, the seniors, the unjust accusations, omg,the hunger, the stealing,lousy food,looking for water upandan, ………I cannot forget.
    Unjust accusations is another story …I mean, if I did it fine, but to accuse me of something I didn’t do,and punish me?….
    I don’t blame you for the anger,and the hurt.
    I am sorry it happened to you. You have come so far, rise above it okay. I am pretty sure the lady is still a nasty individual.


  18. it is sad, really sad. I noticed no guys has commented on this, maybe they felt their fowl yansh has been exposed or something.
    Thank God you were really careful about the whole thing. Mind you, it is not fair to label all church guys as predatorically inclined. I am a church guy and dont do sucho
    I am not trying to defend the guy but it seems to me the guy doesnt know exactly what he want. He ought to stay out of any r/ship until he can determine what he really want and stick to it.


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