DIY Palm Oil Deep Conditioner

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my wash day and I was not ready to buy anything and wanted to try something new, I’ve heard about palm oil being a great deep conditioner so I decided to give it a try.

What I used

– Palm oil
– 1 small plaintain, you can use banana
– 1 egg
– Honey
– Coconut oil
– 1 table spoon of glycerin (not compulsory )
– Milk

Honey, milk and glycerin was not pictured

I had everything at home so I didn’t buy anything and this is the best diy deep conditioner I’ve ever used for real


– I prepooed with my Beautifully Crafted Hot Oil Treatment by leaving the oil in and covering with a shower cap for over an hour.

– Then I sliced the plantain and added honey, egg, milk, coconut oil and glycerin into the blender.

– I blended everything together and it formed a thick paste, really thick because I used powdered milk with little water (I think)


– I then poured it inside the palm oil and stirred.


I loved that it was very thick and was not going to make a mess. Like I earlier thought.



I roughly sectioned my hair into four parts and applied the deep conditioner generously,


immediately after application my hair became soft and extremely easy to detangle,

my curls was popping! And this usually happens after leaving my conditioner in for a while but this deep conditioner is the truth y’all.

– I covered with my shower cap and with a dark piece of clothing, I left it on for over an hour because I had something to do


I rinsed my hair with water(room temperature) then I washed with my natures gentle touch moisturizing shampoo, applied natures gentle touch leave in conditioner, coconut oil and natures gentle touch coconut oil cream.

There was residues on my hair sadly but this palm oil deep conditioner works like magic and you should try it.

Tips ( Because I want you to get it right )

– Do not use a plastic bowl because the palm oil won’t wash off easily.
– Wear a dark piece of clothing because you might get stained.
– Don’t use one shower cap, use two or one with another piece of clothing.
– Blend properly to avoid residues.

I tried to make this as detailed as possible but it you have any questions, feel free to ask ,Will you try out this deep conditioner? Β What are your thoughts?

NB – I’ll be trying an onion recipe for hair loss/ breakage very soon so make sure you’re following my blog so you don’t miss out


Stay Spicy


33 thoughts on “DIY Palm Oil Deep Conditioner

  1. Very Interesting. But I’m not sure I want palm oil in my hair though. Plus, I don’t think I can deal with any residues in my hair. *shivers*

    Your curls be popping though. Do you have any tips on getting curly hair? Apart from perm rods and twist outs please.


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