The Thing With Rape Is Upbringing About Penises



When you’re asked to describe a man what comes first must be masculinity, strength, boldness, courageous, risk taker you know all this strong qualities and with women, it’s quite the opposite. We’re considered soft(most times weak), forgiving and understanding.

I’ve been noticing the rude comments from some boys about rape. Like if she’s playing hard to get rape her, if she’s spending your money you can rape her.

Where is the problem coming from?

Its from anyone/everyone that has ever said he’s a boy that’s why.


The excuse men give about rape is that they couldn’t control their selves, the heat of the moment, she was too hot. All this makes me wonder who the weaker sex is, you will hardly get a woman that will tell you that she messed up because she could not control herself is that not strength? 


But with some men, the supposed head of the house that cannot control his snake man, does that not spell weakness?


You know where this originated from? From us saying they’re men.

As females we we’re thought morals, how to control yourself and the consequences point blank but with boys they say they are men they can get away with almost anything, am I right or yes?


So that has been engraved into their mind since the birth of them and also that their snake man controls them.

If boys were thought to control their snake man, tell them some consequences and taught about respect for women, won’t it be better?

But no, it’s easier to tell females to stop wearing that, don’t sit like that than for you to tell the boys that no matter what a girl is wearing you don’t have to stare, you can control your penis, you can resist a woman’s body, even if you’re attracted to her YOU CAN CONTROL YOURSELF


If this is what is thought to the boys, won’t it be absurd if a boy rapes a girl and blames his lack of self control? Won’t he think about shame that will make him not want to try it?
Till we change the teachings that we give young boys, rape will soon be a normal thing (I hope not) and what will they say? I could not control my penis and it’s nornal

Don’t you think?


This is not the only cause of rape.  I generalized in this post but not all men are rapists.

27 thoughts on “The Thing With Rape Is Upbringing About Penises

  1. And also to add, ladies should also speak up when raped and not get ashamed about it. I have many times where ladies who got raped are so ashamed to speak about it. The society (Nigeria) should put in place adequate punishment for men who rape.


    1. You’re right! They do not believe some ladies when they speak out,and the blame is usually poured on women, I think that contributes to the fear of speaking out but nevertheless women should speak out
      And Nigeria and rape is ..I don’t Even want to start


  2. There are a lot of things that people do now that could have been averted if only parents or society chose to raise the boy child in the right way. Now, it’s our collective responsibility to correct and raise them right. Well-done, Funke!


  3. *sets phone to type properly *

    I have always been of the opinion that men are weak.

    If women are weak, it’s only in physical strength (because we have more fat). If women train just as hard, they would have as much strength so as far as I’m concerned, it’s not much of a valid point.

    Men are taught that basic things like crying and having emotions/showing emotions makes them weak. How ridiculous is that? They’re not made of stone. Emotions make us human.

    The modern man even takes the blame more in opinion. You should know better. You’ve seen women empowered. You’ve seen the state of the world. You’ve seen how rape victims suffer. They have this knowledge and what do they do with it?

    Make stupid rape jokes. Which are quite unnecessary and really not funny. It’s like joking about cancer. Or war. These are serious issues.

    Someone out there is trying to put their life back together after getting sexually abused and you’re making ridiculous jokes?

    We should know better.


    1. The jokes pisses me off!! And to think that some females laugh at such jokes is just heartbreaking.

      I agree with you that men are weak!

      If they are not they won’t try and make us look weak.

      When you’re sure of yourself, you don’t have to look down on anyone to prove your point .


  4. Girls are taught all their life to tolerate and adapt to the ways of men. It makes some men think that whatever they do will be pardoned by society because they will look for the fault in the woman rather than the man. I think boys should be educated to control their sexual needs as much as a woman is.

    A girl walking on a lonely road should not always represent sex in a man’s mind. There are no excuses for rape.


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