Product Review – Beautifully Crafted Hot Oil Treatment






Long time no product review.

I’m here with this beautifully crafted hot oil treatment (whemp seed oil) review.

I received this bottle recently and I used it on my most recent wash day. I loved the packaging.



I love the smell, it’s so pleasant.

So on the bottle the instructions are to apply to damp hair and scalp, gently massage scalp with pad of fingers, then cover with a plastic bag for 15-30 minutes.

I followed the instructions but I left mine for over an hour, then I deep conditioned and washed my hair with my natures gentle touch moisture care conditioning shampoo, used my coconut oil, natures gentle touch coconut oil hair cream, natures gentle touch intensive leave in conditioner and sealed with Shea butter.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


– Really great smell
– It has an applicator which made application easy.
– My hair was really soft after application.
– There was very little shedding (I did not do the tea rinse because of this review)

My only issue was that
– There was no expiry date – I imagine that you’ll have exhausted the product before it expires but the date should be written.

I love this product and I’ll be restocking.


You can order yours via
Instagram @beautifully_crafted


Ever used this hot oil treatment? Whats your take on hot oil treatments? A product you want me to review? Talk to me, I’ll love to hear from you!



9 thoughts on “Product Review – Beautifully Crafted Hot Oil Treatment

  1. lol expiry date.. It looks good and tempting to try honestly, But as no expiring date, don’t think i will try it.. Maybe you could relate as a feed back to those in the know.


  2. Great review, I’m not sure natural oils have expiry dates because no additional preservatives were present. The oils I know do not usually have expiry date but at least should be given a shelf life estimate though.


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