8 Things I Hate About Periods



With the title of this post, I’m sure you know where I got the inspiration from, it’s that time of the month, for red letter to come visit, red letter is our code name for period πŸ˜‰ likeΒ Jewel is for Vagina

I don’t get my period every month which makes me genuinely happy, like happy happy happy! Like seriously happy

For the not so open people wondering why I’m going to be ranting about red letter today, we are free spirited Females on this blog (that means this is not a post for our male readers)

Diving into what I hate about periods


The sharp unexpected pain

I literary can be standing, eating or watching some stupid video on instagram, then I feel a sharp pain as if my uterus wants to burst out of me fighting every intestine in it’s way, I tell you I can literally feel something breaking inside of me then sometimes my ass hurts when I want to sit down like which life is this.
And I do not like taking pain killers no matter how painful my period is.


The stupid hunger

While I have a friend that vomits anytime she eats anything on her first day, I can’t go for 5 minutes without eating, I will eat ANYTHING, EVERYTHING, give me sugar and onion mixed with brown chocolate I’ll eat it



Then I start getting the are you adding weight question or I thought you have flat tummy ( this one pisses me off! ) or the bitter ones will say you work out, why Is your tummy not flat. I just smile at the girls,
I can’t waste my saliva. ReadΒ How to Stop Caring About What People Think/Say


Anger & irritation

I’m always angry! everything irritates me, everyone irritates me, men smiling at me irritates me, I feel like beating anyone laughing because nothing is funny, every thing is irritating.


Mood swing

I go from q to z in a matter of seconds, I don’t even want to start with this.


Checking if I’m stained

I curse any body that stares at my ass during this period, I immediately feel like I’m stained, I mostly wear dark skirts & pants during this period.


Actually getting Stained

My God, female species like me that have extremely heavy flow should be somehow compensated by nature, there was a time I even stained a keke napep on my way from work, I was wearing a white and blue dress, it was bloody. Thank God it was drop, I payed, ran down, used my big bag to cover and ran inside.
Waking up to blood is the worst


Disposing pad

Most Nigerian women do not throw away their pad, we burn it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Its the mentality of what someone will do with your pad, but seriously it’s 2016 and I feel that toilets should be manufactured in such a way that we can flush our pads and there should be a bin in every toilet!
Going from not wearing underwear to actually wearing every hour of the day is hard.
I didn’t say I hate the way period is being seen because I really do not care, I am the girl that when I’m on my period and I’m acting funny and a guy asks I tell him I’M ON MY PERIOD, I’m not ashamed of it, even though it annoys the hell out of me, it’s nature, it happens to women, if it irritates you deal with it!
What do you hate most about your period? Do we have anything in common? Girl, let’s chat!


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64 thoughts on “8 Things I Hate About Periods

  1. I am seriously rolling on the floor in laughter and my boss’ driver be eyeing me like, “Is this wan okay?”

    Funke Olotu!!!

    This is a bold post I must say! But then its a norm so why should we be timid to talk about it.

    I guess I am fortunate because I don’t feel so much pain before my period especially since I started working out. The only part I hate is when it comes unannounced. When I was much younger, my periods only arrive at dawn but now, once its about that time I go about with pads because it will just start anywhere, anytime.

    The other parts I find annoying during my period is how it dictates what I will wear…Like I cannot rock that beautiful white dress I have waited up till today to wear. I also go about in dark clothes around this period while checking every 30 minutes to be sure I am not stained.

    And while I am on my period, I lose appetite. That can really be so painful. I just feel so filled like I have eaten more than I should have…

    About disposing pad, at a point in my life, I used to wash it before disposing. I have never been a fan of burning abeg. But right now, I just tie in any cellophane bag I find and just trash…

    And then there is this part where my boobs will start increasing in size as though I am pregnant…

    Oh, I almost forgot to add the 10 minutes interval pee…and visiting the toilet more than five times daily especially on day 1…

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    1. Yessss….. I can relate with all your points! Visiting the toilet OMG.. then your tummy will start hurting in the ladies room

      And about period dictating, girl! Thats the time you’ll remember you have a yellow or white dress you need to rock

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  2. gurl I’m with u on ds one. I HATE IT. z it d pains? d fear of getting stained? or d fact dat u can’t eat sugar 😦 d pain z so intense i v to use a pain killer, den I’m also a heavy-flow person so, i use always d blue one but den i neva get it when I’m on lyk dats a real problem really, I think we shud be allowed a day off when we v dis cos I’m usually useless on days i v dis, babe me i dispose my pad d dustbin way fa lol, nd den i freely tell guys I’m on my period or I’m having period pains sef, lyk durrh they know dat we v dat already so why be shy about it? PERIOD PAINS ARE JUST TERRIBLE AND D PERIOD DAYS ARE JUST SOME SHIT WE V TO DEAL WITH. had to write dat in capital letters for emphasis sake lol, don’t mind my sense of humor

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  3. Wow. Unlike you I have a very light flow. I must be the luckiest girl in the world because I don’t feel any form of pain from day one till the end. I don’t even feel anything plus I never get stained. I have insane sugar cravings…. Like literarily insane. Every time I’m on my period I buy I small pack of chocolate or I won’t be normal. Then I get very emotional. One time I saw a snail moving and I started crying because it was so slow. And I can’t stop eating too. My appetite goes up. I’m usually very normal during my period ( which is also not a monthly visit). I’m super grateful to God for making mine this easy.


    1. You we’re crying because of a snail πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ OMGπŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      I don’t like people like you, you make me jealous!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

      Never stop thanking God, you’re indeed lucky

      Like you have it all

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  4. Mood swing thing is my code name on such days… not to talk of the first day that comes with that stupid excruciating pain that makes one want to depend on others to do the smallest thing for her.

    on days like this, i pity my kid brother who i won’t let rest…

    Anyway, that’s why we are women.


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    1. Yess… women… sometimes I feel like when I’m on the world should stop spinning like something is going on.. the world needs to stop.
      I Pity your brother too, I can imagine his pain


  5. I can relate to all of these 8 things for real and I hate all. Especially the pain, mood swings and checking to see if I’m stained. I wish the ovum would just roll out like a ball every month instead instead of this torture. Why should I get punished for not being pregnant? I should get candies instead πŸ˜‘

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  6. Wow, I am reading this and I am like this is totally me, my brothers just stay from me when I am on. What I hate most about mine is it flows heavy as in I double at times I triple the sanitary towel and start walking like a baby with pampers on and then I look pale, then it comes whenever it please, I just carry a pad in my bag like every where. I am also super super happy it doesn’t come every month. http://wp.me/p7aBzM-3s


  7. Omg! Checking to see if I’m stained is the worst! Every minute I stand I automatically turn to look at my bum region. Every single time. It’s exhausting sisters! I need help.

    And the getting stained bit is the second worst. The wings in ALL the pads I’ve ever used hate me. They always somehow get skewed even if i only stand. I’m too selfconscious when on my period to sit carelessly, so its not me, its the pads. 2/5times I check my bum, i see a red dot there that shows I’ve gotten stained 😒


    1. Its the pads πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      I feel you! And they are not improving on the wings in my opinion

      I wish there is something we can do to avoid being stained because most people think we are careless and that’s not the thing!

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  8. I can relate to this all these points, except maybe the hunger. My appetite is totally lost during this period except for some sharp cravings I get. I start to crave for totally weird things and once I get it, I can’t eat it. The first 2 days are spent in torture, many times I just lie on the bare floor and cry. The pain is accompanied with terrible back ache and breast tenderness and most painkillers don’t do anything. My skin is at its absolute worst this period, it gets so dull and lifeless and filled with painful acne. I’m glad it’s not just me that constantly checks for stains, sometimes I even ask a friendly looking stranger around just to make sure. The worst part is, my symptoms start severely about a week before and I get my period every 19 – 21 days. It helps to drink a honey and lemon mixture every morning a week before my period begins. I heard the pains lessen after childbirth and I’m waiting eagerly for that to happen. Nice postπŸ‘πŸ‘


    1. Woooooooo

      I’m just hearing about the honey and lemon, I’ll try that

      And girl! You’re strong and I’m thinking that I might have the worst reactions

      I’m so sorry and I can’t wait to give birth too 😭

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  9. I can so relate with everything. The irritation part is very common with me. Everything and body just pisses me off.
    As for the bloating, its then that my bra doesn’t fit anymore (its not like I wear full cup bras).. its really annoying.
    Lucky for me, I don’t get stained no matter what and the pain especially first three days isn’t nice at all.
    There was this time in school I couldn’t attend a lecture and that’s my fav. subj. and lecturer. Had to call in sick.


    1. I’ve bounced lectures too because of period, and my nipples hurt a little, I think I’m the only one that the breast does not increase, πŸ˜’

      You’re lucky you don’t get stained


  10. Funkeeee! Love this post. When I saw the red letter thingy on IG, I just assumed it was this. I’m on my period rn and it’s just a whole lot of emotions. I laid a new bedsheet and I stained it a day after. I felt like crying. Then the rush from the bathroom to the room before you stain the floor. The pimples, gosh so annoying. I’m gradually controlling my period mood swing;it used to be very epic. I have problems with telling guys I’m on my period, lol. A very big problem.


    1. Haha… you’re not the only one that have problems with telling guys, when I’m running my big mouth you should see the way my girlfriends look at me, they can’t also

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the post


    2. Yh… The pimples part.. How could I forget that.. Once I begin to notice a rush of pimples on my face, I know I’ll soon be on my period… Its very troubling and worrisome…
      Of late I use Skinel for my face so I don’t get pimples at all


  11. Lol. Girl I can relate to everything the mood swing, the excruciating pain, bloated stomach like you can’t wear your tight clothes and worst is the hunger, you stay cravings expensive stuff in this economy(that’s a no no). Plus you forgot to write about the sudden pimples on your face. Like you sleep looking fresh and all of a sudden when you wake up you basically can’t explain what happened. Great write up dear. Enjoyed reading.



  12. I hate the first and last day pain. Other than that… my monthly is cool! Light flow,three days, I can eat whatever amount of sugar and the most gorgeous period boobs. Lol! I think guys can partake in the post too. My exes were really open to know everything about it.


  13. You just know my mind…..Lol I don’t know, but I think this period thing was among the punishment that followed after Eve and Adam left the garden of Eden, but well it’s also a check for the “unfaithful” ones. This post was hilarious though, great one babe.


  14. Funkeolotu, I swear you are so funny! I love this post so much! I always feel useless on the first days and the pain is just on another level, I recently started taking pills tho to suppress the pain…


  15. Funkeolotu ooooo, you will not kill me, I love this post so much! First, I always feel useless on first days and second, the pain is usually on another level so I recently started taking pills to suppress the pain.


  16. Love this post dear, reading through the comments got me laughing like a retard.
    The 8 things you listed, I can totally relate. I’ve actually found a way to deal with the mood swings. If there’s anything I actually hate is the blood stain and having to constantly check if I stayed myself and the pain is completely unbearable. You need to see me crying during my periods cursing and wishing I were a boy.
    My Style Look Book Series


  17. Your whole getting stained story actually happened to me for real, the Keke wasn’t drop and unfortunately for me I entered the same Keke the next day and the guy was asking foolish questions I just locked up I was fuvking embarrassed. We just have to deal with it tho but it’s one of the worst things about being a woman πŸ˜”


  18. Mine has to be the pain and getting stained. My mother is always confused when I’m in pain cause she never has any pain so she’s like “how is it doing you?” “pele” and I look like I’m about to faint lmao.. Plus no position on the bed seems to reduce the pain ahh… Then the getting stained part, I wear white scrubs to school everyday so imagine the horror of getting stained. Everytime I always wear long thick sweaters just in case eje decides to jabo haha…
    I’m also like you oo.. I tell people I’m having menstrual pain I actually don’t care lol


    1. High 5 girl!

      White scrubs wooo.. If I’m you I see myself missing lectures πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

      Your mum is so sweet, and I find a weird angle that reduces the pain without that angle, I don’t know what will be my story


  19. Lmaooo! Like the world needs to be on stand-still when I’m on my period. Ah mean what’s funny about today??!!! Y’all need to feel someone’s pain … πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  20. The ‘waking up from sleep and being satined’ is the worst for me. It’s just like a wave of ‘I kent’ washes over me and I literally can’t deal, and then there’s the feverish feeling I get before and after the cycle😁😁😁😁. It’s just crazy


  21. It’s a really bold post but I totally relate to it. When I saw the title all I could think about was that – she is going to talk about the stains. Then I saw the over-eating, anger and mood swings and am like laughing and saying she is damn right!


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