Amazing Blogging Tips to help improve your blog


These are tips that are helping me grow so I hope you learn a thing or two and put it to work

 Replying comments

I mean don’t you love the email notifications that someone just left you a comment? Then why approve and not respond? If you’re busy you can always respond later, this easy thing can add a lot to your blog because your readers will feel more appreciated and are more likely to visit and leave another comment and you get to know your readers better.

Not setting any goals

Where do you want your blog to be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year?  Without any goal in mind how can you grow ?

I made a decision to double my views every month and that has helped me in being consistent and producing better contents


 Not Diversifying

I know, I know, you’ve probably read from a lot of big bloggers to pick a niche, yes. but most of those bloggers did not pick their niche overnight! they we’re probably posting about some things they no longer are now, your blog is your baby! Let her grow with you, when you have enough knowledge and understanding on a topic you know your readers can benefit from, why not?
Don’t be scared to try new things and grow.

Being consistent

Now, there’s a misconception I’ve noticed about newbie bloggers posting on their blog, they post like the established bloggers that already have their way in the blogosphere, most of which are not very consistent.
The thing is you’re still upcoming, you want to give out fresh content as soon as possible, sisi yemmie is an example of an established blogger that posts consistently, I think 4-5 times a week and her stats are popping!

So if you can post everyday, go on! It’s all about your schedule not about how big bloggers do it! Be yourself with blogging and make your own rules.

 Commenting/not commenting on other blogs

When you comment on other blogs you get more exposure, but some bloggers are also doing it wrong

Example of how you should not comment

Nice post.
Please check out my posts and leave me a comment!
Women choose between your Career and Marriage

5 Tips for oily Skin

The only comment is ‘Nice post’ not even ‘Nice post!!!!!’


You should not spam other bloggers please, leaving your blog link with a genuine comment (favourable long) is the best, when people love your comment or can relate they’ll click on your link, if they don’t click, next time, they most likely will because your name and link is familiar to them.


Yes! This will land Some bloggers in serious trouble you know? Last week or last two weeks I checked a blog and the person published a post that’s so similar to mine and added fancy words, see. I think we need to have a code or something we do in the blogosphere to those copycats

*Maybe comment

Looks just like my post * inserts post link eh? Yes? No?

I’ll talk more about blogging if you guys want to read some more so leave me a comment if you’ll want more posts like this and tell me, have you ever been copied? Which of my tips will you put to work and something you’ll like to share? Leave a comment, I’ll love to hear from you!


64 thoughts on “Amazing Blogging Tips to help improve your blog

  1. Everything you’ve said is true especially in the commenting aspect. Initially, I hardly commented on peoples blogs but I realized that when I started doing so like you said, it increases your blog-sphere.

    Also the aspect of copying or should I use the word plagiarism can be really annoying like really why copy when you can just ask the person for permission to post the write up and give credit to the person.

    Being consistent can be challenging especially because of writers block. its something I am really working on though.

    Picking a niche like you said doesn’t start overnight. It takes a while. Personally I like to blog based on my current situation or environment I find myself and picking a niche may limit my range of posting. So I think you should just blog on what you most relate with which in real sense is your niche.

    This is the longest comment I have ever written .
    Did I mention I commented first (I think). *wink*
    Nice post babe.


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    1. Oh my… thanks debbie!

      You’re right about everything and I’m glad someone has been growing with tips like this.

      Thanks for the wonderful comment and as for those copying, I don’t know why asking is so hard!


  2. Thanks a bunch for the posts, I have been struggling with my blog for some time, I think my major problem is consistency and the commenting bit. I hope to do better and see how it goes. btw, nice blog.


  3. Heyy Funke, this post is apt. I totally agree with you on commenting on other blogs. Apart from getting new readers, I also get to learn new things. There was a time I wasn’t reading other blogs and I actually felt it. Lol. It broadens my knowledge. Then about the copying, sometimes, it’s intentional, sometimes it’s not. There was a time I drafted a post and before I knew it, someone else had published something related to it so I just saved it for later but you said she just included fancy words, you were probably plagiarised. The importance of consistency cannot be overemphasised and I’m taking it one step at a time, trying to discover what works for me.
    Okay, bye. This comment Sounds too serious. Yes to more blogging posts.
    10 Reasons You Might Be Breaking Out


    1. You’re so right about learning new things! And about it being a coincidence, you’re right! I wanted to publish a post the other day and a well established blogger posted something very similar, I had to change some things in the post and thanks for the vote of confidence 😊


  4. I was just screaming ”word! word!! word!!” while reading this post and I am guilty of not being consistent with my blogging; I am, however,working on it.

    Can’t imagine how you must have felt reading your post on another blog… there is no harm is copying the idea behind a post, but copying it word for word? That’s a big FAIL.

    Thank you for this!


  5. Very nice tips Funke!
    Consistency is one of the things I’m battling with right now.
    Funny enough I’ve got a lot of sauce to dish out, I used to think posting too much in week won’t be doing good tho. So basically 4-5 posts weekly is good right?


  6. Absolutely lovely write up. I’m going to practice every one of them. I’m always in a rush sometimes when I check up on my blog.
    I’d take a chill pill now and do as you have said


  7. Goals!!! They are definitely what I’m about these days. In June I had to review my life and I realised my blog was one of the 2 failing parts. I started blogging in 2011 but didn’t get my act together till pretty recently. I hope I can achieve all I’ve set now and more. Thank you for this post and yes please to more tips.



  8. That thing you said about the “nice post” comment is sooo spot on! The thing is those comments hardly yield any fruits because a lot of people won’t be drawn to following someone who barely says “nice post” everywhere and leaves a bunch of links beneath.


  9. first of all let me apologize officially for not being around your blog in a while. I had absolutely promised myself to be up with your blog post but somehow i lost momentum.

    wow! i love all the points you raise and i could read between the line too. very helpful tips for upcoming bloggers. I pick a line or two too.

    Please keep up the good work@!


      1. No o, drama scares the man outta me, 1 of the reasons why I’ve never dated…

        I’ll simply show the person how well I’ve understood web-designing from 5years of meddling with HTML codes and php…


  10. I totally agree with you on the being consistent and the diversifying points. Blogging is more of a personal thing even though we may love they way others do it. So in my opinion, bloggers should express themselves on their blogs in their own way! There is always an audience for everyone. I love your tips!! Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Ah that plagiarism thing isn’t even funny. I’ve had stories of mine copied too. Imagine sitting for hours and into midnight writing a post all for someone to copy and paste. I really don’t understand why people would do that. And the nice post thing isn’t even pure. lool. I guess it’s part of the blogosphere and the things we go through. Sometimes all we can do is laugh about it at the end of it all. Lovely blogging tips dear. xx!


  12. I more than enjoy reading this post… As a newbie in the blogosphere there are more than enough blogging tips articles out there but the problem is which to follow? I really enjoy your take on the ish…and here is my own link ooooo *grins*


  13. I found this post so useful!! I haven’t long starting blogging and this advice was just what I needed to help me really think about what I do with and for my blog! Thanks for sharing these tips! 🙂


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