Book Review – Why We Must Fight!


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I’m here today with the first book review on the blog, I’m a lover of books but I’m old school, I love holding a book in my hands as opposed to reading it online, Which do you prefer? Reading online or hard copy?

So I’ve not read a book for a very long time because I’m too lazy to get one.

But I finally decided to stop giving myself excuses for not reading and they postponed my resumption to November! So I have to keep myself busy til then.
To the book review

Title – Why we should Fight

Author – Darell C. Porter

Price – Totally free!

Genre – Religion

Pages – 41


My spiritual life has been slacking for years and I thank God for making me whole again, who’s whole without Christ?
So Christlike posts will be coming to the blog now.


I downloaded this free book and it took me less than a minute to download and two days to read it, you know house chores and my bad habit of reading on my phone.


I love the truthfullness of this book, the way there was a lot of Bible Scriptures to back up what the author was saying and the fact that he used his life as an example, I love stories and it made me love the book more


It highlights why we as Christians must fight the good fight of faith and used soldiers in the battlefield as Christians.


It also talks about these last days that we are in and how not to give up the good fight.


This book is a must read for every Christian whether a new convert or an existing one.


This is the link to download the book for free Download Here and there is also a link on the book to download a personal spiritual welfare prayer the author shared with us


Enjoy and grow in faith

May God be with us all


This book is shared here because the author gave anyone reading this a right to share as long as the author (Darell C. Porter) is being credited


Hey! Β First book review, how did I do?


32 thoughts on “Book Review – Why We Must Fight!

  1. awwwwwn, great review nd I’m pretty old-fashioned when it comes to reading books, i love em hard copies nd about yr spirituality, u go gurl. it’s all about GOD GOD GOD nd d sooner we all realize dis d better for us all, can’t wait to read on ur spirituality ere


  2. You have a very beautiful website. I look forward to coming back and reading more. Please stop by mine and if you like, follow back.


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