How to Stop Caring About What People Think/Say




I apologize for not posting for a while, I was seriously sick, I was admitted for a while but I’m home now and better.

I was watching keeping up with the kardashians a while back and it was the episode that Kylie complained about her anxiety and how she cares too much about what people say, Kim told her she once used to care, but this post is not about the kardashians but how to stop caring so much about what people think!

You need to know that


People are jealous


Really, why else will someone sit down and bad mouth another person? Β One thing I’ve learnt in life is that people do not go for people that are beneath them.

No, they go for those that intimidate them one way or the other!


People want to feel better about their self


I remember when we used to gather in the hostel (Secondary school, I was like 14) and talk about girls that have done worse than us or that are failing in school, why? Because we wanted to feel better about our grades and when we talk about the ones doing so well the gossip is usually short and then we start saying education is not everything


People are bored with their life


I cannot imagine myself now, so busy, working on my blog, trying to be consistent on two instagram accounts, the photography aspect of this blog, one year left in the university to sit down and start talking about someone! I don’t even have enough time to complain about the economy because I’ve built myself not to complain about things that I can’t change! Before I go into the economy back to what we we’re saying!

I remember a time when I was in the cafeteria and some girls in my front we’re seriously laughing at a guy, the way he walks and how dirty he looked, I looked at them, they were seriously laughing then I looked at the guy he didn’t care, he was talking to his guys and he had a very big smile.
Then It hit me that people can talk but it affects you only when you allow it

He was simply unbothered.


Its not that deep!

Take talk as talk! Don’t let it get to you, some people just talk for talking sake not knowing/caring about the person, some people are careless man, they think blunt is being COOL.Β 


Stop reading meaning into people’s attitude, some people have attitude problems.

You can’t be perfect! Β The earlier you know and appreciate that, the better and more happy you’ll be in life, I promise you!

People choose to see what they want to see, you’re like Art, an amazing painting, people read different meaning to each artwork so do they to you.

Forget about the darn standards that don’t exist!

Don’t let people get into your head because then, you’re giving them the power to hurt you!

Stay spicy

Am I leaving something out? Another tip you’ll love to share with us? Β Please do. I’ll love to hear from you



63 thoughts on “How to Stop Caring About What People Think/Say

  1. Was even wondering why you haven’t posted, glad you are back and strong… That gathering in hostel and talking about other girls deeds was my favorite thing in school, loooool..
    Anyway, truth is, people must surely talk, its part of human characteristics especially in women.

    Its left for the person being talked about to handle it strong within her and not letting their words weigh her down, cos people must talk.

    Nice post funke.

    Today is my first birthday, somebody ring the bell for me pleeeeeeeeease. Super excited!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good to know you are getting better Funke,
    Great post, people really do have issues with themselves and will find ways to being you down with them. But as Michelle Obama says “when they go low, we go high”


  3. Welcome back dear and thank God for healing.
    To tell you the truth I was one of the people that cared about what people say. And sometimes that feeling comes up but I try to suppress it. Thank you for sharing xoxo.


  4. Very essential post! With the rising of social media, such issue also have become more prominent, unfortunately. And like you said, one needs to remember that most of what is said are not deep and on most occasions, irrelevant.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Funmi x


  5. There was a time I seriously used to care. Like I’d hear what someone said about me and i’d just get really sad. Those times, I was just living. No purpose, nothing. Now, that I know there’s something I’m working towards, I’ve become more confident and I’ve even stopped ‘listening’. I was writing a post somewhat related to this yesterday and it all boils down to the fact that people just want to feel better about themselves. Lool, I think every boarding school had such meetings. Was very rampant in mine.
    A Moment of Excited Curiosity

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  6. Amazing post dear. IΒ΄m absolutely agreed with you. These things that what I absolutely ignored in my life. Because IΒ΄m really busy enough with my own life, with my family and of course busy with my blog too. Have a good day.


  7. So glad to hear your feeling good and back to blogging πŸ™‚ Your post is great – It’s so important to understand why some people behave certain hurtful way, there is usually always a reason behind it that has nothing to do with you.


  8. I seriously don’t care about people what they think or say about me that’s why I’m called names .. But as long as you know who are you, I guess nothing else matters .. x


  9. Oh my.. I’ve been having the worst start of the week. Really needed this article to remind myself about what is important! Thanks to you ❀


  10. this is so true and its also important we remember it. I think the more you get to know yourself the less you care about other people’s opinions of you.

    I love your writing style by the way


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