My Complete Wash Day Routine

diy Egg deep conditioner.JPG

Hey guys!

How you doing?

*Removes cobwebs from the hair section.

Before making my last braids with brazillian wool I noticed I had dry dandruff because I washed my hair before loosing and did not allow it dry properly before making another one, I had to make my hair – work ish, so when I loosed the Brazilian wool, I had to make sure I get my healthy baby back.


– I prepooed overnight with olive oil and detangled with my hands

– I used lime juice and water for my dandruff because I could not get lemon and it worked quite well, I squeezed the lime and added enough water to go around my hair, poured it on my hair and wore my shower cap for 5 minutes.

Remember How To Use Lemon For Dandruff Treatment?

After applying Lime juice + water and black tea

Before doing this, my black tea was already cooling down and I did the tea rinse because it reduces breakage, read all about it here -> Tea Rinse – How To & Benefits so I poured it all over my hair and wore my shower cap back

diy Egg deep conditioner.JPG
Immediately after applying deep conditioner

– After 15-20 minutes I took off the shower cap and applied my Easy DIY Deep Conditioner – Egg & Banana

Before washing Off

– Washed out after 1 hour.

After rinsing and washing with shampoo

– Applied my leave in conditioner, olive oil & sealed with shea butter.

Thats it for my wash day and if changes are made to my routine, I’ll make an updated post.

Which DIY’s do you try out on your wash day?  Learnt a thing or two?  Something you’ll like me to try out? Leave a comment, I’ll love to hear from you 😊




32 thoughts on “My Complete Wash Day Routine

  1. olive oil, egg, shea butter, black tea and lime juice are quite familiar with my hair too, lyk dats all I eva use lol. when I do a ps with extensions I always end up with dandruff on my hair so I just use all dat I mentioned above nd den I v a clean scalp altho my hair isn’t growing, I’m so mad about dat. ur hair looks really healthy *thumbs up*


  2. Thanks for doing this post. I have dandruff too I’d definitely try the lime and water. Plus I use the olive oil, honey and egg mix as deep conditioner. I heard people wash their hair with rice water too ever tried this??


  3. Funke, you showered your hair with lots of love and attention which is really cool. My go-to is extra virgin coconut oil (the love of my life) and extra virgin olive oil. I mix those with water and spray on my hair as a detangler. I shared it in the beauty section of my blog. It works like magic. I’ve never tried egg and banana in my hair. Perhaps one day, I will give those a go. Thanks for sharing, dear. Hope you are good.


  4. Haha, I recently put up a post about my wash day routine on my blog. I’ve never tried a tea rinse, I would love to. Also, how good is brazilian wool? My mum sent me four bundles and I’m really curious. xx


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