5 Tips for oily Skin

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I mentioned HERE  that I was breaking out seriously and the product that has reduced it.

So today I’ll be sharing some tips on how to care for your oily face, so if oily is your name like me, stay with me.

These are the basic things that will really improve your skin

Drink lots of Water

Water is not your enemy, you’re probably tired of seeing drink water for this and that but it’s true, water helps the body in Every way, from your skin to your hair, I drink a bottle immediately after brushing another before breakfast, during breakfast, with drinking lots of water I reduce the quantity of food that I eat, you see it there, water is great for diet also.

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If like me you were mislead into believing that moisturizing is not needed for oily skin that it just adds more oil to your face, am sorry and we should get revenge.
Without moisturizing, your skin will become dehydrated, and it will overcompensate by producing even more oil.
That being said not all moisturizers will work for you so be particular about the one you pick, read reviews from bloggers with oily skin. Read mine HERE

Do not use sponge

I was the girl that uses sponge on her face because I felt my face won’t be clean without it, I was wrong.
use coconut oil to get rid of makeup instead of sponge, then wash your face with soap and your hands in circular motion

Get enough rest. Sleep!

Oh this, I cannot say this enough! Its so important.

Try this tonight-  wash, moisturize and sleep well and tell me how good your skin feels the next morning

2016-09-07 06.29.51 1.jpg

Face towel

I didn’t consider face towel to be a big deal until I imagined rubing a piece of clothing on JEWEL then on my face, no? Right
Your face is delicate, use a soft small towel so you can wash every week, I use a really small one so I don’t see washing difficult like how it is for Yoruba boys to be faithful.

Extra Tip

– Exfoliate

– Eat Fresh Fruits

– Avoid oily food

– Avoid Stress

Hey! how do you care for your oily skin? Any other tip that you want to share, let’s know. Leave a comment

Have a great day

With love

Funke 😙


45 thoughts on “5 Tips for oily Skin

  1. I have combination skin so I get pretty oily around the T-Zone especially during the summertime. Sadly it’s the opposite in the winter as my face gets too dry! 😦 I use shea butter as moisturizer on my face and works wonders but doesn’t quite cute it when it’s cold season….any recommendations?

    I definitely agree with all these points and notice the great difference in my skin when I started drinking more water and eating healthier. So funny what you put about the face towel. So true because sometimes I don’t even think about it but when I do it is such a valid point!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We don’t really think about it right!!
      I will say you should wash with an hydrating formula, avoid soap or any product that makes your skin dry out, you can also add toner, they do not dry out the skin


  2. i know what you meant, but different from you, I have combination skin, thailand made soap works good on my skin, maybe I should blog about it. It works for my sister and friend as well. And it is not costly. ^^ It is traditional soap, made from rice.


      1. ya they processed it into a bar of soap =) it is not from Malaysia but it is selling here…it is not very costly just cost me RM3 per bar of soap. It is effective for my skin, my sister’s skin and my friend’s.


  3. Great list! For me, drinking lots of water is key. I did a 30 day challenge once where I drank all 8 of the glasses recommended and WHOA was I glowing. I really should do that again, water is free…

    Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 I’m feeling very motivated now!


  4. Have been reading your posts for like a week now but I feel I should comment on this..

    I use sponge on my face and I don’t know why honestly… Probably because I am used to it. Although I have a smooth face but sometimes I do get some bumps on my face and I don’t know if its the sponge. I feel without using sponge the oil on my face won’t go away while bathing as most times I apply soap twice on my face.

    Will try to stop the sponge thing anyway..

    Nice post girl.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear, Thank you! Its natural to feel that way about not using sponge, but washing with your hands in circles is key and moisturizing
      Thank you again dear for finally commenting and I hope you’ve been having fun here 😀


  5. It’s funny that I used to use sponge for my face😪 I should consider getting a towel for my face too as I use my normal towel to wipe my face. And see ehn I’m not a water person. I have tried and tried sigh! Thanks to my mum that constantly reminds me that I have not taken water even after eating smh! Great tips dear.



  6. I struggle with oily skin too especially under foundation. That trick about coconut oil is great, I used to think it was counter intuitive, but alas it works!! Please let us know when you find a perfect matttifying primer 😃😃


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