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Happy New Month guys! Am smiling as am writing this post, I love the reaction I got from you guys on my last post on Not Wearing Underwear

Again, Happy New month.

Is it just me or this year is running somewhere, it’s as if the year is tired of the creepy things going on in the world.

So Tosin  tagged me to do the current situation, and she mentioned how much she loved my blog, I was in all smiles.

So here’s mine


Age – some say am 19, others 21 and I say 17 ..Solve my lame ass  riddle.


Grateful – for life, the little things that make me happy, my blog readers and my strength.



Craving – Hot Amala & Ewedu soup, Yam porridge, pepper soup okay and pizza before you guys will think that am so local and won’t want to take me out.


Regretting – Dating a guy for a day, don’t open your mouth, it’s … I’ll  tell you the story soon so subscribe below so you don’t miss it.


Loving – the color yellow, something about melanin & yellow that just pops, paintings that speak to me and the Oga boss sandals.


Happy – My internship Is coming to an end next week and I also settled with a friend I had a misunderstanding with for a while. hey doll!

Started – A rewarding networking business with just 4k, if you want to join leave me a comment. Also my poetry page on instagram (_funkeolotu) please tell me what you think about my words.


Admiring – ladies that have left bitter long relationships and the *What are we guy*, letting go is not easy at all!

Wishing – That my African parents can be cool, yunno.. like cool cool. I know it’s not just me

Favorite movie – Batman vs Superman will do it for me, I don’t know why some people do not love this movie, it’s insane!


Determined to – Be more consistent here, write a mad ass story like these Here  and publish an article for a big website in the UK,  I know, am not even saying Nigeria but that’s what I want and with God on my side, you know the rest.

Listening to – Battle scars by Guy Sebastian & lupe fiasco, listen to this song and thank me later.



Reading – Blogs! Like never before, do leave your link below, I want to read your blog.


Feeling good – About my skin, my face is getting better and I wrote about that Here


Angry – That I ordered for some makeup products from konga and they were fake, like in this tough economy, wasting money is painful and please can we beg dollar to come down 😳


So not to elongate this post, that will be all for now, thanks for all the love you’ve been showing me, I appreciate you a lot!

What are you loving currently? Leave me a comment


44 thoughts on “Current Situation

  1. I enjoyed this…as always 🙂 nice to read about what goes on in everyday lives or just have a glimpse of what the blogger is inside. Can’t wait to meet you I am sure we will get along. And those cravings sound lushhhh except of the pizza bec I am not a pizza girl 😁


  2. i wish my parents were cool too, oh well. i just took a liking to blogs recently now I’m addicted lol, i’m glad ur blog has good content, i always look forward to posts from here and i can’t wait to hear that story gurl lol. happy September love.


  3. I have been seeing bloggers do this “catching up” “current situation” “stock taking” etc(whatever it is called😉) and I love it, I have been planning my first one. It is still early in September so I guess I can still do it right? cause I feel motivated by yours. Nice quotes!😘


  4. Whats in that soup?! It looks so exotic ha! Id love to try it. I have recently been reading a lot of different blogs too and find this one very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing x


  5. What a beautiful post! I’m loving Pokemon GO right now, along with trying lots of new recipes in the last few weeks! Made carrot soup the other night – OMG YUM!

    Keep up the awesome work 😀


  6. Funke my love! I’m here again. Your blog is a daily dose of feel good. Lol sorry about the makeup bit. Online shopping can be occasionally risky. You dated a guy for a day? I want to know all about it! I wish my parents were cooler than they are at the moment too though. I’m guessing you’re 20 years old. Am I right? 😀


  7. Amala and Ewedu is forever bae. I’m angry at Konga on your behalf my dear, ah. I wish my parents were super cool too oh. Like everyday wish. I know you’re 17/18 hahaha. I love reading blogs too. It’s fun getting lost in them. Happy new month dear.
    Laitanbee Blog


  8. I hope I’m not too late for the networking? I ordered fake powder too from Konga one time. Never order make up from them unless you know the buyer personally or was recommended by someone you can trust.


  9. •Never been a good shot at guessing.
    •Loving that everything seems to be falling apart, I tell people I simply believe in God. Things fall apart, I didn’t expect HIM to build on crap.
    •I regret having let schooling disturb my education and bar me from doing what I love, no more.
    •My blog: , basically for tech and literature. I write, I love web developing, I’m a spoken word artist.
    •I’m out of what to write…

    And oh, lest I forget, I think you are beautiful.


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