My Best Stories


Hello people!

How you doing?

Today, I’ve decided to share some of my best stories & Poem with you guys, they have been posted on the blog before but am pretty sure most of you have not read felt some.

And if you have can you let me know!  I just have to thank you so much for being there with me since the beginning.

1. This Fictional piece allows you understand a little about how being raped by a lover feels.

Pool Of My Blood

2. This poem gives you a peep into what goes on in the mind of an average Nigerian African female child.

Divulgence of an African Girl

3.I talked about being insecure and how I got attention through body reveling dresses here. NON – Fiction.

Big Nose & A Skimpy Dress

4.I love this one, A 5 year old girl was raped and you will get to know what she did years later.

Blood Stains On A Jumpsuit

5. The twist in this story is amazing, I shall allow this piece speak for itself.

Innocent and Behind Bars


Let me know your best, you can leave me a comment here or on any of them.

Thanks for all the love you’ve been showing me.

May God continue to bless you all.



6 thoughts on “My Best Stories

  1. Your imagination is incredible. I had my hand over my mouth as I read some of the graphic ones. My favorite will have to be #3. It was very relate-able, pure, and the emotions were all so real. I also love the fact that there was a lesson to learn 😀

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