A Letter To My Bullies


To the girls that called me ugly.

To the ones that called me flat.

The ones that spat terrible words at my face.

The ones that mocked me.

The ones that made me stay in bed all day crying and wishing I was someone else.

The ones that made me cry when I look into the mirror.

The ones that filled me with so much anger and insecurities.

The seniors that hit me as if I was worthless.

To the girls that made up the terrible rumors cause the ‘Flat’ girl caught their man’s eye.

To all of you that made me sleep in my tears.

To you that made me cry night after night.

Those tears made me feel worthless and I promised myself that I’ll never feel that way again.

This is me standing strong, healing fast and not letting your terrible words shape my future and how I look at the beautiful piece of art that I am.



33 thoughts on “A Letter To My Bullies

  1. First of all, I am happy you finally got your writing funk back (see what I did there? :p)
    Second, thank you for sharing this. Looking from the outside, we really don’t know what other people go through, have gone through, and it reminds me of how human we all are. I am happy to see you standing strong and loving every bit of yourself, you majestic beauty!!!


    1. OMG 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂 I seee …I have been laughing since I saw your comment…👏👏👏👏👏
      Thank you doll, I appreciate you a lot


  2. well I feel you
    but I just confronted them ie my bullies
    got whooped sometimes did the whooping
    but they knew I wasnt a push over


  3. Their words have moulded you to the woman you have become today. I’m sure that when they see you now they cant even look at the beautiful being you have become. I was also bullied while in school and I understand when you say that ‘you wish you were someone else’. Thing is they used those horible words to prevent your star from shining because if they let it, you will be brighter than them.


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