My View- Gang Raped By 5 Boys


Artwork – Herbert Smagon

So I read an article on BellaNaija  about a woman being raped by 5 men or should I say boys.

Words are not enough to fully explain how irritated I am.

From Bellanaija

The victim said she and Vanessa had been communicating on the telephone before the incident. Obinna (Vanessa) said he used a Magic Voice Application on his phone to feign a lady’s voice while talking to the victim.

According to the victim, Vanessa had invited her to inspect some goods at her apartment (the hotel). When the victim arrived, the suspects allegedly gang-raped her and collected N50,000 from her before releasing her.

The victim reported the matter at the Isokoko Police Division and the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT), Alausa, after leaving the hotel.

The police arrested the suspects at the hotel.

What Happened –

On the day of the incident, the victim came from Oshodi to the address Vanessa gave her in Agege. As she climbed into the house, reportedly owned by Vanessa, three men pushed her into a room and increased the volume of the television so that no one would hear her voice.

After the rape, the suspects said she should provide N2m before she would be released. She called some friends and was able to raise N50,000, which they withdrew from her bank account using the ATM. She was held hostage from 12pm to 7pm.
Firstly I have to say that am proud of her. whoever she is, most African women will take it as their destiny and not report the matter and the fact that they arrested the suspects almost immediately makes me think that their might be hope for Nigeria concerning the fight against abuse.


I will not say that the lady was not at fault at all, this is not the first time something like this is happening, the lady should have meet the so called Vanessa at a public place, but she thought the person was a female and fell for their trap, May God make us very careful and suspicious of things like this.

And the magic voice application, I don’t know why those exist!

One of the suspects said –

The lady came into the hotel to meet another woman. When she saw us, she became nervous. We calmed her down and told her we were just looking for money to eat and she should give us whatever she had.

She gave us N20,000 and we began to talk freely in the room. She used some drugs and willingly had sexual affair with me and Gabriel (Obinna). After the sex, we accompanied her to the taxi and we parted amicably. It was not a rape.

Like how does this story even add up? Who will give you 20k because you’re looking for money to eat? Nigerians are not that generous, and she was coming from oshodi, not saying it’s a really broke place but just think about it and she used some drugs willingly? Who uses drugs with strangers? And if she used drugs she will be scared that it will implicate her and not report.

Everything he said is RUBBISH and I hope they all rot in jail forever!

Do you agree with me?  What are your thoughts?


My views is a new segment on the blog where I talk about issues and lay down my views on them, this segment is going to be spicy and thought provoking so I hope you’re following the blog so you don’t miss out.


Stay Careful & Spicy


15 thoughts on “My View- Gang Raped By 5 Boys

  1. When I saw this on twitter, the photo terrified me that I almost didn’t want to read it 😦 however, you know I support you so I still did and I’m glad because now I know there is a new segment!!! 😆 I am 100% in agreeance with you. I don’t ever understand rape at all. Do you think people who commit this crime are wired differently in the brain? I hope the woman gets the justice she deserves and that her future is filled with too many good things that this horrid event is something she will never have to look back on.

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  2. This story is very shocking. First, I agree with you about meeting people in public places regardless of whoever. Secondly, how will she willingly have sex with strangers, even if she was on drugs (which I feel they should scan her body for), she wouldn’t just decide to have sex when she’s not a hoe and then give them money again. It just doesn’t make sense. I partially blame her and we’ll I’m happy they were arrested.

    how to combine both school and blog successful

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  3. Sigh..this is really sad but I applaud her courage oo! Because some women won’t even have the strength to go to the police or report.. I feel they ddnt have to rape her, they could have just collected her money and then move on.
    The situation of this country is becoming more unbearable..I really hope they rot in jail.


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