My Boarding School Horror Story – It was a Christian School



This is quite different from my other posts but yea, you should be used to getting different great stuffs here already.

I was busy in the kitchen some days back, then I remembered some secondary school memories and I laughed, but one that I thought have moved on from came back.

The sound of the cane on my body, the pieces of the cane flying, the big grin on my seniors faces when they held me down, the anger In corper ben’s face as she flogged me, I thought as though every ounce of humanity has left her.

You see I was not flogged for those normal reasons Like being disrespectful or not doing something, this was not that.

It all started when I was getting close to the new student, I’ll call her Naomi (name withheld) even though I just want to say her name and post her picture if I can find one. can say am still angry.

She was not a good girl in the decent way, she often bragged about sleeping with teachers from her former school.

I was in Jss2 or Jss3 at that time, naive me.. I was always attracted to things that amuse me and she did, her boldness about the things many would keep secret got me..

So we started talking, I was her only friend and her presence in my life pushed away the ones I had.

I remember a senior telling me that this girl will put me in trouble one day and I thought about it but shrugged it off.

Not until Naomi started disturbing about having feelings for my brother, the one that will not look at her twice..

I talked to him about her but he was not interested at all !
It angered her and she said she was going to deal with him, I didn’t know that she was wicked enough to transfer her anger on me. she also suspected that I was the cause of him not wanting her.

That was when one my darkest days in boarding school started.
She told all the seniors all have said about them and they believed her. After all, she was a new student and will not know much about who they have had sex with unless someone downloaded her with the gist.

They called me to their corner Β about 3 of them punished me, I cried a lot but I was not sad, my big mouth got me into this mess.

But that was not okay for Naomi, she told the hostel mistress, a corper at that time that I was a lesbian and I disturbed her for sex and threatened her, this girl was crying and I got confused, was she still punishing me for my brother not wanting her or something else?

It was a Christian school, so matters like that we’re handled seriously.

So in the prep hall that day, I was asked to lay on a table, held down by seniors and flogged mercilessly by corper ben.

But do you know what still gets to me? I was not asked anything! no one wanted to confirm if her story was true. I guess her tears were enough for them. I mean, I tried to explain but no one listened.

I was ridiculed in the hostel, I could not sleep on my bed because of the fear of the seniors near me and my side mates constantly teasing that they don’t want someone to remove their clothes at night, only a girl was nice to me. God bless her Kind soul

Writing this admist tears, it hurts that I was punished unjustly, my crush could not even look at me the next day, I didn’t know what my brothers we’re thinking, we’re they ashamed of me?

My Fragile soul had to stay strong and raise my head up, even though it really hurts to be unjustly punished.
I thought I had forgotten the girl, but all I did was bury those Memories, my anger is still very fresh and I am very bitter now that it’s all coming back.

I want to see her suffer like she made me but karma has it’s way so am relaxed that she will meet her size.

Lesson – Don’t bury emotions, when they come back, They come hard !
And I really hate boarding schools.

I still have another terrible experience to share with you guys but that will be in another post.

Boarding school? Do you still like boarding schools? Any terrible experience? Share with me.
I want to hear from you.

Nonfiction, just so you know.


39 thoughts on “My Boarding School Horror Story – It was a Christian School

  1. I went to an all-girls catholic school from 6 yrs old until Senior year of Highschool but I’ve never encountered a story as intense as yours. Seeing lesbians and lesbian lovers were rampant and pretty much “normal” in my school. I can’t believe they would flog you like that!!! I admire your courage for sharing a very personal story but also your tenacity to just allow karma to do its work. In the right time justice will be served. Keep healing and stay amazing, Funke.

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  2. Boarding schools??? So many memories there, one senior actually hated me for no reason…and she punished me severely but thank God, one beautiful soul became my school mother, so she helped me scale through.
    I’ll still send my kids to a boarding school though, it helps to make one tough.

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  3. Hi darl… ur touching story….twz such a bad experience tho… jst try ur best to let go of d grudges and live on….its best hun…let God b d judge ok…muc luv.

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  4. Hey sweetheart. It must have been a really terrible experience. And the attitude of everyone around you must have hurt more than the physical beating. But, God employs us to let go. And let God. I’m sure that girl at this time deeply regrets her immature acts.(If she’s wise)
    We should always, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgives us” So that, “The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and your mind through Christ Jesus.”
    Lol. Now I sound like a preacher.


  5. I went to a mission boarding school they can be brutal places, now I look back and laugh about some of the things but at the time it was pure torture, posted a couple of the episodes on my blog

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  6. This is such a sad story. I can’t even imagine the kind of demon that lives in “Naomi”. I guess I was lucky enough not to have had terrible boarding school experiences but I still hate boarding school. And you should let the anger go, might not be easy but don’t worry the thunder that will fire her is sprinting from China


  7. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought we went to the same school. Lol. I attended a girl’s only Christian school too and it was annoying at times. That was too much, like I know how much other girls would try isolating themselves from you and all but you learnt lessons and it definitely made you stronger. That’s about all that matters. Wait, did you graduate from the school? If you did, you’re a mvp.
    Laitanbee Blog


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