Men That Hate Feminists Have Baby Ego!!


This has been something that have been wanting to talk about for a while now.

I wanted the title to be why men hate feminists but there’s much of those on the internet.

Some men hate feminists only because they don’t know what true feminism is and we have talked about that before.
You see It all comes down to fear
People are afraid of things they don’t understand. They don’t know how to relate so It threatens their security.






Imagine gender equality in Africa where men get to do the work that women have been doing for years.. sucks right?

Comments, contributions and arguments are welcomed


5 thoughts on “Men That Hate Feminists Have Baby Ego!!

  1. I understand your thinking about being scared of things you don’t know about, but I think the men most scared of feminism are actually the ones that do understand it (or at least think they do). I think that if a man doesn’t know about feminism it’s because he doesn’t care, and if he doesn’t care it’s not likely to bother him either way.

    As a man who has studied feminism quite heavily, I think I actually understand it less now because of the range of types of feminism, from radicals suggesting that it’s not about equality (but female superiority) to the feminists looking for gender equality in all ways. The hardest part is understanding “true feminism” and I don’t think that that’s an issue just faced by men, but sometimes by a lot of women too.

    (PS. Not looking to be argumentative, just curious about what you think!)

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    1. Yes, understanding true feminism is not faced by just men because have heard women say they can’t be feminists because they are married…
      I reason with your points and agree to an extent


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