Leave the Man that is good for You!


Sounds weird right? Like why will I leave someone that is good for me.

 Now am here to preach about never staying with someone you don’t love because they are Good for you.

I have noticed that ladies stay with men they are not in love with but are good to them Because of the fear of not getting a good man. I know they are rare.
And we as ladies wanting good men are supposed to hold on to anyone we find.
I have talked about love not being enough in a relationship, so imagine if it’s one sided, or there is none at all.

You see my last relationship was like this – at first everything was all exciting, but later I started loosing interest, everything happened too fast at the beginning and I thought I was ready for a relationship but I was not. And he is such an amazing person that loves me genuinely, I am so sure.

But my love for him was no longer there, I was angry at myself because of the promises have made and I can’t fulfill. I was sad and worried about breaking up.

But I could not stay because of his love and because he’s a good person, I would have never been satisfied and along the line the relationship will still crash.

When you stay with people you don’t love you’re keeping them away from someone that will.

So I broke up, he didn’t take it well as I expected, I felt very sad, I had no right to make him feel that way. It was difficult but the best solution.

If I had stayed, I would be keeping him from the person that will love him forever, and from the one I will grow to love.
And love from oneside in a relationship will never be enough.

Don’t stay with a good man you do not love because of your fears.

And also African men, don’t marry a woman that fits the portfolio of a good wife only to start cheating on her with spontaneous girls!

Contributions and comments as very much welcomed.



38 thoughts on “Leave the Man that is good for You!

  1. 100% Agree! I dated a guy a long time ago who treated me well and always bought me gifts. On Christmas day, he professed his love and I thought it was just way too soon. Not to mention, I knew I already couldn’t see myself with him in the long run–I was only dating for fun. When he did that on Christmas, I had a brief moment on whether I should just go along since he was a “good guy” or tell him the truth that I wouldn’t be able to return the same feelings he had for me. I chose the latter….he cried all Christmas long 😔 he moved on eventually and is now dating someone who loves him the same way he does. So in the end it worked out for both. 😊

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  2. This makes alot of sense..what most people don’t really understand these days…but I guess people are just scared of being alone. But it doesn’t mean you should be selfish.
    Great write up

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  3. This is a really good read hun. It’s actually so simple to understand and I think a lot of people know this but the fear of being alone is real. So we settle. But like you said, down the road the relationship still won’t last… So the day we actually start taking our own advice is the day we will get better.


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  4. I was confused at the title, but I kinda see your point. And leaving such men, tbh is hard. But what do I know about relationships anyway? 😄

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  5. In as much as this is knowledgeable, leaving the man that is good for me sounds quite uncomfortable. As you said, love is not simply enough in a relationship and leaving the good man is no guarantee that the one you love will be good for you.



  6. reading realistic posts like this, is always a breath of fresh air. settling in a relationship never does anyone any good, its unfair and a waste of time. I am glad you got out of it, and though he was hurt he will thank you later, and you will look back when you find where you fit, and be glad you did not settle for less.#obsessed with your blog, on a mission to read every single post!


  7. Hello Funke!

    Wow, interesting post. Yes, I believe we shouldn’t settle for ‘just good’ when God might have the best for you but due to ‘safety’ reasons and perhaps, lack of faith to trust God for the best, one might be tempted to stay in one. It also depends what our perception of good is. is it our own good or God’s own definition of good?

    Okay, it now boils down to one thing. You mentioned Love isn’t enough. I believe this can only be defined by what we understand by Love. Love isn’t feelings or emotions because they’re fleeting. God has been teaching me what love is about for a while and I’m learning so much. Hollywood, life and books have a flawed perception of what love should even be in the first place.

    According to 1 Corinthians 13 which I’m sure you know so well, Love is patient and kind. It believes and it hopes. Now I’m not advocating for a relationship that wasn’t bound to work in the first place but I believe Love is enough for the word of God says all my fail, but LOVE never Fails. Love that is infused with romance and led by God’s wisdom will stand the test of time. Love requires patience, kindness, selflessness and so much more. it requires us being vulnerable. It takes so much from us the way it took so much of God that he sent His Son to pay the price for our sins. God doesn’t give His heart in pieces neither does He want us to do the same with Love. Love is a choice and requires faith. It’s not like we had anything to give before God loved us and yet He keeps loving us and wants us to do the same.

    There’s a beautiful book I read titled Boy meets Girl by Joshua Harris. It was a lovely book which I think you might enjoy. It had so many truths in it. Thing is, the moment we have a purpose in our hearts according to God’s will, the more we will allow Him lead us when it comes to relationships. Life is beautiful when we allow God lead.
    Sorry for the long epistle. I actually wrote a book recently about how God wants to teach us to love when we come to understand what His love is all about. Here’s the link. You can check it out whenever.


    Much love. xo!


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