I have so much to say in this post but I’ll save that for later and talk about the #blacklivesmatter movement, I heard about the death of Alton Sterling some days back but I didn’t want to watch any video on it simply because it will make me sad, I’ll cry and cry and imagine what his family and friends will be going through.



So I tried to block it out because my knowledge of what happens will not change anything, (so I thought ) because am in Nigeria and cannot join any rally. but I could not block it out, I cannot be among the people that see these things and say nothing, I simply cannot let my stupid fears get the Better part of me…even If all I can contribute to the movement is just one IG post,one tweet, one blogpost. I will.…Although I really wish I can do much more.



So am telling you guys to support the movement… you’re plus one and it takes one + one to form an active crowd, it’s about time we stopped shying away from the facts that to some people #blacklivesdontmatter let’s build a better future for our next generation.


Our lives matter and it always will, it’s enough that the black man have to suffer to get everything he wants.
Even in Nigeria, which is a black man’s country, shades of chocolate are being criticized. Its shameful and painful.

Lets stop this craziness of judging people by their color and stand together.

So join me and the rest of the black race to say no more!


Plain white Tee

Tailored high waisted skirt

Shoes – Zara

Bag – Random boutique

Handmade choker

Fro puff with shoe lace




  1. Honestly, I didn’t watch that video too. It’s just unfortunate that those who have taken a vow to protect citizens have become the oppressors. I hope the family of the deceased find consolation and comfort. 😟

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  2. I will never understand Racism… it’s honestly so hard for me to talk about this too. I have knowledge of what’s going on–it’s too clear not to see but I know it’s NOTHING compared to what you guys have to go through daily. I worry for the life of my husband (who is African-American) whenever he leaves to go to work but it cannot compare to someone worrying about their own life. 😦 I will keep retweeting and sharing the truth of what’s going on and will do my best to help spread awareness. But I cannot wait for the day when we all don’t have to because we can all live in Peace.

    My heart is heavy with you, Funke.

    Ps- you look great as always

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  3. Black lives do matter and always will irrespective of any action against them. Racism is one vice that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the whites,and if it is not checked in time, there will be serious uprising,and they would not see it coming. Nice post and and your outfit…cute.Thank you.

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  4. Lovely skirt.
    I watched the video unfortunately and for hours I could get the image out of my head and mind. It is so heartbreaking because he did nothing wrong. Completely nothing. Mscheeww

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  5. The #blacklivesmatter movement is growing each day and even though it’s more prominent in America, it still disheartening to watch those graphic videos about cops shooting people. I saw a live streamed Facebook video of a man shot by the cops in his car. . . Lovely post, nice outfit.

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  6. OMG funke Dont have me start RN, 😔. I had a tweet about this with my photo added to it. It’s so painful. Let’s be our brother’s keeper, let’s love one another. I feel so sorry for his family. It’s really unfair. When will it stop??? All live matters. I had to USE that because we don’t know who is next.

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  7. Really it’s so sad. Why can’t we all just live in peace?
    And i know about the colour judgement especially in Nigeria. Very dark people are often considered less attractive for some reason. Love your pineapple puff btw. Great post!

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  8. I was in oblivion about what this #Blacklivesmatter movement was about, until I took some time to read about it on the internet and watched a YouTube video recently about a black guy who got shot simply because the Officer was all too trigger-happy to shoot him. It is sad indeed that such an occurrence is taking place in 2016, a time when one would think racism would be long dead and gone.

    P.S. I love your floral skirt.


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