Is Love Enough?


There are things more important in our lives and our relationships than simply being in love. And the success of our relationships hinges on these deeper and more important values.

People give Love that power,that control over them that they feel like when they are in love ( Great circumstances or not) it’s worth it.

Am not the only one that is disturbed about the brutal abuse that has been going on, we hear of new cases everyday, (Abuse has been going on forever but now coming to light) do you think that abuse starts overnight?


Before marriage he broke a cup now after marriage he is breaking her head, what still kept her in that suspiciously abusive relationship. Love must have, she must have said to herself that she loves him and can live with his bad habits or my love will change him. That she forgot about herself, her self respect, her standards, her worth, her health, her future and entirely about how her kids will live with that type of man…I mean love is enough right??


See the problem with idealizing love is that it causes us to develop unrealistic expectations about what love actually is. – most young adults think love is everything and will solve their problems but guess what? that’s all a lie. Love is not all, love is not perfect. If you are in a relationship with a partner that loves you, you still need to show them how to treat you and where you stand,love does not take care of that, you do! Your self esteem and where you place yourself does, if not why will a man claim to love his wife and still beat her and why will another not do the same. Why will a man cheat and another man will not? ( Not saying it’s entirely the women’s fault now).


When I was younger I had this amazing girlfriend that was so in love with ( her ex now)
They we’re both in love actually and was all over each other, you could see it in the way they looked at each other but issues arise every week, she was a very jealous girl, and he was a care free type of guy.

They will argue and break up and cry and come back together, reminding their self of their love and thinking that they will get better when in reality there was no progress – There was love but no trust and understanding..was the love enough? No

You see love is an amazing thing, love is great, love is beautiful, love is necessary but you need more in life than love. love is just one part of a whole.
People idealize love, so they have an absurd imagination of what love is, they believe all you need is love, forgetting that most times we love what’s not good for us.…the theory of good girls liking bad boys, heard about it? Yea
Great example of girls wanting what’s not good for them, we can love what’s not good for us.


Love is not always worth sacrificing for, I know movies and books make it look all superb and you feel like you owe a lot to someone you love but what about your self. People fall out of love and if you do, will you forgive yourself for sacrificing so much only to get nothing?
Why do we tolerate behavior in our romantic relationships that we would never ever, ever tolerate in our friendships?

See in a relationship you need RESPECT, TRUST,UNDERSTANDING,PATIENCE you need more..a lot, more than love! don’t give love all the power then you make love an excuse,
Love does not signal relationship compatibility!!

Love has never been enough and it will never be!

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25 thoughts on “Is Love Enough?

  1. Firstly, I’ll start by saying that I love your new theme. Secondly, this is a lovely piece, it’s so deep and it spells it all. Like every word is so true. Love is never enough that’s just my opinion though.

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  2. Funke, once again you’ve wowed me with your post. This is really nice.
    Love isn’t enough in a relationship, in fact it shouldn’t be the focus of the relationship. There are other things like understanding, trust, care, respect and others which all need to be balanced for it to work out.
    There should be self love and understanding of yourself. This is lacked by men who abuse their partners. Love really isn’t enough. It is only necessary.

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  3. Great read, even lana del rey sang about how love is not enough in one of her …my last bf ended the relationship because he refused to face the reality of most things that matter more than love in a relationship. anyway, hope this can be an eye opener for some people. Thank you.
    P.S : Do you mind if I re post this on my blog?


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