Should you have your partners password ?


Hope you had an amazing day.
As said earlier I’ll be writing on relationship issues and mental illness.
Starting off the relationship discussion with the very controversial issue of whether or not partners should share their password.

Firstly, if there’s nothing to hide,why would you want to hide your password?
If there is nothing to hide why would your partner not give you the access code to his/her phone?

In my past relationships, we’ve always shared our password, that’s one thing that strengthened our trust in each other, my name or something related to me was practically their password (Major game player, we’ll talk about that later, In another post.)

Now concerning trust – When your partner tells you his/her password and you don’t check their phone (because you don’t want to) that’s trust. But when your partner starts placing conditions on how/when you should trust them, that’s deceitful and you don’t want to be in a relationship where you feel like your partner is hiding something.

If you’ve had sex without knowing your partners password, sorry to break it to you but most likely you’re not their first choice.


Do you agree with me that sharing passwords should not be a big deal in a relationship?  You don’t?  Whatsoever let’s talk about it below..I’ll love to hear from you.


11 thoughts on “Should you have your partners password ?

  1. I agree with having to share passwords. I never felt the need to before as I know I will always be faithful and ofcourse, expected the same frm my partner. Sadly, just because we treat others a certain way doesn’t mean they will do the same for us. Now that I’m married, passwords shared between me and my husband helps the both of us be accountable and be able to truly protect our marriage…we all know temptation is everywhere. Anyway, even though I have the passwords I don’t feel the need to check every time.

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  2. I’m not really one for the whole password thing.
    The reason I have a password on my phone is so it’s not readily accessible to people.
    I don’t want to give out my password and suddenly ‘my’ phone becomes ‘our’ phone.
    Also it’s a trust thing. If you feel like the relationship is going to last for a rather long time, then you can give your password.
    The truth is I wouldn’t be comfortable telling my password to someone so I can’t ask them to do the same.
    But that’s just me and my trust issues.

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