Easy DIY Deep Conditioner – Egg & Banana


Hows your weekend going?
Mine is going well and am here with the first DIY on the blog.

Well, this is because my deep conditioner is finished and am not ready to buy a new one, like I don’t even know the price with the increase in price of almost every product.

So I thought why not go natural with my natural hair, I mean it’s easy, cheap, no chemicals,ingredients are common and I know what am dealing with.

Am using banana & Egg because they are very common and and have heard about this deep conditioner making the hair soft and smooth
For this you’ll need


(i) 2 ripe bananas

(ii) 1 egg

(iii) 4 tablespoon milk

(iv) 4 table spoon honey

(v) 6 table spoon extra virgin oil


– Blend all the ingredients together to make a fine, smooth, chunk-free paste – make sure you blend well else there will be residues on your hair.



– Apply it onto hair and let it sit for about 30 minutes.

– Wear a shower cap to avoid dripping.

– Rinse well with water thoroughly, leaving behind no residue in your hair.

– Β If needed wash your hair with your shampoo to clean out all residues of the conditioner. Don’t forget to add honey to your shampoo, we’ve talked about that before.

After using this deep conditioner I have to say that it’s really amazing, by hair was really soft and shiny!!

I didn’t do the tea rinse for the sake of this post and shedding was really minimal.

The only thing I was not comfortable with is the smell, so I’ll be sure to try out new recipes and share with you guys.

Any questions? Tried this recipe before? Will you? Which ingredients do you use?

I’ll love to hear from you.


18 thoughts on “Easy DIY Deep Conditioner – Egg & Banana

  1. Ah, but hair strands stay balling these days, see the sumptuous cuisine that Funke prepared for her tresses. πŸ˜€

    The only time I’ve ever put kitchen ingredients in my hair was by adding an egg to my DC mix as a protein treatment. It strengthened my hair, but the after-smell was aaargh…

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  2. I deep-condition my hair once a week and just use coconut oil– It has given my hair LIFE! I’ve tried egg wash before but I didn’t quite get the right consistency for it to apply properly on my hair. Haven’t tried this method as well but I’ll give it s shot. Thanks, hun!

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  3. I remembered in my early twenties obsess with this sort of thing, thanks fully LGBT anomality wasn’t a force to reckoned with then or else I would have been labeled one of them. I grew up with ladies perhaps my interest in ladies things.

    This is very interesting and I might try it too cos I keep afro

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