Abortion – Does Feminism Challenge Christianity?

Let’s view abortion through a Feminist lens, Firstly I have to say not all feminist supports abortion and I am one of them, but we have to agree that most feminist support abortion by believing that it should be the right of the woman carrying the foetus to decide.

And when supporting the motion they make references to women in uncomfortable situations like women who were raped and do not remember those that enjoyed it and why they should take responsibility for their actions.
Now in the Bible – 10 commandments, it is written that Thou shall not Kill and the Bible does not give any excuse whatsoever or reason to kill a baby.

Is it that our sense of right and wrong has been damaged because of feminism in this aspect?
Don’t you agree with me that feminism challenges christainity when it comes to abortion.


32 thoughts on “Abortion – Does Feminism Challenge Christianity?

  1. Hmmm…I feel dat every situation is subject to change…the context of everything has to be examined. In cases of rape or careless pregnancies, I feel dat if dz women want to abort dy should coz religion wnt takia of a child who later born and abandoned in a waste bin. Nice write👍👍

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    1. But you have to agree with me that even if the mother aborts the pregnancy it will reduce her pain but will not remove the pain of being raped, I think the woman should forgive like what is said in the Bible and that child might be a blessing in disguise. I mean in the end ‘Abortion is murder ‘

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      1. The truth is she abort the baby but the trauma of what could have been if she has kept the baby will haunt her for life.
        Nobody has the right to kill what he cannot create. Life is very precious and should be treated as such.

        I got a revelation about this and it clearly broke my heart.

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  2. Its personal choice ,if she doesn’t want to carry baby ,she has right to abort ,according to scriptures sex is for procreation not recreation ,then using condom and masterbation is also sin , which actually is not but rape is a sin undoubtedly.

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      1. Its better to abort rather than giving a bad life to child , its easy to give birth even animals do ,proper upbringing ,education , status nutrition ,not everyone can give


  3. I read a story a while ago on Tumblr. It was about this girl who wanted to have an abortion but her church family said no, they ridiculed her for it. The story ended with the mother dying in labour, the newborn baby living a painful 23-hour life and her 2- year old daughter having to go on for the rest of her life without a mother.

    Can someone please explain to me how in the world not having an abortion in this situation was the “right” thing to do?

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    1. May her soul rest in peace, let me remind you that having an abortion could have killed the pregnant lady and also the life of an innocent child should not be determined by someone else even if the situation is tough.
      I pray the life of this child gets better, this may be her time to suffer and her time to be happy will come very soon.


      1. The chance of her living through an abortion was greater than the chance of her dying through an abortion. This was not at all the most loving thing to do


      2. Yes? Giving to charity is loving and right? Feeding the hungry? Clothing the poor?

        All the pain everyone in the situation of that girl could have not happened if she had had an abortion, the aborted baby would have gone to heaven also.


      3. Yes, you’re right…

        But are all the right things to do loving? And also even if she aborted that pregnancy, she might later regret it and never forgive herself.
        Its painful that she died giving birth, but that baby is an individual..No one has any right over someone’s soul.


  4. Anti-Abortion is usually around a pro-life message, but if we think about it, most of mankind is pretty anti-life. Wars, terror, murder, lack of gun control, poverty, destruction of land and trees and the nearing extinction of many species. Humans aren’t really pro-life. So I think it’s pretty unfair to point fingers at the choice of a woman and saying she’s non-Christian or whatever. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    I encourage you to read the chapter on Abortion in Caitlin Moran’s memoirs “How to be a Woman”. Taking into consideration her personality and life choices might not be similar to yours, but it’s just one viewpoint. She writes about why she got an abortion (after having two children) and the stigmas around motherhood and how people expect mothers to behave. Her particular description of the hospital room where she saw couples and single women – all who were traumatised, lonely, quiet was pretty eye-opening. You can’t talk about it. The people who are angry about abortion are usually those who have never had children or been pregnant or anywhere near an abortion clinic. We’re a hypocritical species. And I can see the side of people who are pro-life too, I mean there has to be a certain responsibility when it comes to having one, not just ordering it like a burger in a drive through. But of the 40-60 million people having abortions annually, whether safe options exist or not, I’d rather women NOT put their life on the line, especially because it takes two two create a baby.

    Personally, if I ever had an unwanted pregnancy, I wouldn’t go through with an abortion. But if I were raped, who’s to say I wouldn’t change my mind? Context is everything.


    1. Like you said – Humans aren’t really pro-life.
      And it’s not about – how people expect mothers to behave. If men where bringing another life into this world, they would be told the same .
      And I really get your point about being raped, getting an abortion is the easier way to get over the trauma. – but that is were Christianity come into play, you see it takes the special grace of God to go through something like this and not get an abortion.

      And then it’s not just women that have never had children or pregnant that are pro-life.. I recently read a study which showed that 45% of women that we’re raped we’re forced to have an abortion by family members and 70% of women that have had an abortion regrets it.

      So the essense of my article is to prove that abortion challenges Christianity and it does.


      1. Fair enough. Everything challenges Christianity though – we can find that everywhere. I don’t really like the idea of using religion as a reason not to do something, because all Bibles are hypocritical (I mean, the bible also tells women not to have authority over a man and should be quiet – so you could argue that having a blog and joining a discussion thread like this is ungodly, and likewise women are told their price is above that of rubies, but women are constantly subjugated and discriminated and classed as secondary human beings – at least still in third world countries. So… you get my drift?). It should be based on a sense of what is right or wrong, around the well being of humans. The thing is (and this is the catch with abortion) – who is more important – the woman or the unborn foetus?


      2. I get your drift.

        I need you to understand that people interpret the Bible in different ways and just interpret it in the way that it does not favor women.

        And for your question, I think both lives are important and I personally do not see an unborn child as an unborn foetus.


  5. I’m a Liberal Christian. Though I personally would not have an abortion, I don’t feel I have the right to make that decision for someone else. There are so many gray areas. As for feminism – Paul continuously raised up women in the early Church and Jesus taught, healed, and walked with women throughout his ministry.


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