Lets talk About Pimples & How to Let Your Face Breath


Before getting into this post, I have to say Rest In Peace Mohammad Ali *The Greatest of All Time*

I have experimented with lots of products, posted a lot on how to care for your face but the most important Is allowing your face breath.
I started having pimples 7-8 years ago….yess! ..I know, been a while yea?

And how I have struggled with them…I don’t know what have not tried on my face, from toothpaste to morning urine (Never doing this again! ) to haircreams to…. I can’t continue so I won’t scare you.

One thing I always hear

Is leave your face alone it will go when the time is right

am sure almost everyone here has heard that before, but do we listen? Like is it Even easy? You just want the pimples to dissapear right?
Now it’s very okay to work on your face, use that honey and egg, girl!

But our best friend and worse enemy contributes alot to our skin. Oh the harm makeup does to our face.
Now I know I can’t say stop wearing makeup, hell. I can’t go to work without my brows and a little foundation, but what about our weekends?
Am very very stingy with my weekends, Saturdays especially, I don’t believe in going out just to have fun or maybe because I have my skin to work on. Saturdays are the days I stay without makeup at home.. Drink lots of water, workout, eat a lot, sleep and watch TV.
I believe that we know the harm makeup causes on our skin and if you don’t know the serious harm, subscribe below cause I’ll be writing about it soon, so you don’t miss out.

Let your face breath ladies.
So raise your hands to being stingy with your weekends to get the perfect skin…
Are you with me on this?

Now your turn…tell me about your skin and the weirdest thing you’ve used on your skin and what you think on letting your skin breath.



10 thoughts on “Lets talk About Pimples & How to Let Your Face Breath

  1. “to haircreams to…. I can’t continue so I won’t scare you.”
    Hope it’s not period u mean here cos I heard people try that also.

    As for me have resolved to let my skin breath. Tired of getting rid of my pimples.
    The more I try getting rid of them the more they appear.

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      1. Ah! That’s the weirdest thing I’ve used on my face only because I heard it works for others. But I later got to know that it’s not about what you use but largely what you eat and how you rest. And overall how you take care of your skin!


  2. My face has a T oily region so this T region has always had small rashes. It’s hormonal i think but this year i’ve experienced the worst breakout even in areas on my face outside the T region.
    I have used Fair n lovely from 2006. Nowadays it’s not really working on my face. Tried Johnsons n johnsons early this year, saw wonders. Currently considering Forever Living products.
    As a beauty regimen, I cleanse my face frequently with a raw tomato and cotton wool. It greatly manages the breakouts and amazingly evens my skin tone. Someone marvelled at my even skin tone inspite of the stubborn rashes on my face. Thanks to my beloved tomato! You should try it 😉


  3. Waiiiit…. Morning urine? Wow, that’s new oh. You’re the mvp. I don’t really have problems with pimples these days except during my period. It’s just the black spots that have to go. I’m naturally not a makeup person so my face gets to breathe most times.
    Life|Hello July
    Laitanbee Blog


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