Monday’s Twist


We know white will never stop being classy.
Blending with work has being slightly difficult for me especially because I am the I-wear-what-I-want-to-girl, but oh boy, work has wiped that mentality off but never my edge!

I love any piece from Duvie Nigeria, he’s a talented designer and we are in the era of buying naija to grow the naira right?

So I styled this dress with a skirt because it’s too short for work, my zara metallic baby with socks and apart from the socks trend adding a unique twist to my outfit, it’s super comfortable! So yes to this trend and I hope it stays for a very long time, belts take your look from 0-10 and this adorable bag that I got a while ago.

Digging my new hair? Because am in love with it.





Dress – Duvie Nigeria

Skirt – Random boutique

Belt – Thrifted

Shoe – Zara

Bag – Random boutique

Long black socks



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