Should women Shave?


Am here again and am so excited that have mapped my domain and it’s finally, it’s amazing how little things have so much impact on our happiness. But we are here to talk about shaving so let’s get to it.

A major debate on women shaving has been going on forever!

I shave my legs because I feel more confident when am silky smooth.
Society has played a major role as to why women shave, it’s seen as unhygenic and disgusting choice if you have hair on your legs. And for men it’s just masculine.
So what am I talking about right?
If you are going to shave your legs, do it if it makes you feel more comfortable and sexy don’t do it because you feel you need to or because men will find you more appealing.
Like I have hairy legs (I shave every once in a while ) and have met guys that are like I love your hairy legs, I think it’s weird because I don’t like it.
It is down to personal preference on what you’re comfortable with!

Do you shave your legs? Where do you stand on this debate ? Contributions or comments?
I’d love to hear from you


38 thoughts on “Should women Shave?

  1. I shave my legs simply because I want to. Never thought of it as ‘being appealing to men’
    As someone who adores short dresses, my legs have to be bald! Lol. you know what I mean?

    Nice post xxx

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  2. I shave my legs because ‘m comfortable doing it, especially with the fact dat ‘m knda hairy. Back then in secondary school, I had this friend who was always rebuking those of us who did- she said shaving was wrong from a religious perspective…what do u fink?

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  3. Interesting topic, this resonates. 😀

    I shave my legs because I love how smooth it feels aftewards, I do it for my personal enjoyment.

    I recall reading an article about the “Hairy Legs Club” formed by a group of women who’ve decided to stop conforming to society’s ideal of what defines a woman’s beauty.

    As with all things, to each his own. Best to do what one feels comfortable with, living life by one’s own standards.

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      1. Imagine a female with beard and moustaches ,what is the difference between men and women then , let women be clean and appealing ,what they are meant for .


  4. These ladies commenting on how they don’t shave their legs because it’s not hairy are soooo lucky!!! I shave my legs because it makes me feel more feminine and clean. Love feeling smooth and silky, too! However in the winter time, it’s a different story. When you’re always layered up showing no skin, i probably will shave once every 2 weeks hahah. My husband don’t mind thank God 😆


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