5 with a Knife


It was a blissful evening for Caleb, his mother was reading him a bedtime story, it’s been long since he saw his mother because she was in the hospital.

She tucked the 5 year old boy in and kissed him on his forehead and whispered ‘I love you’…he smiled and said I love you too mom.
The horn of a car at the gate changed the smile on their faces, Caleb covered his face with his blue blanket shaking, and his mother quickly left his room.
She rushed downstairs with her fallen breasts bouncing, her Ankara wrapper loosed and she tied it back.
The sound of the car has stopped and now it is just the sound of the car door opening that was making her shiver, the door closed and footsteps made it’s way into the living room.
“Welcome my love” she said and went to collect his laptop bag, shaking ….still shaking and carrying the bag she said “your food is ready, should I serve you? No. Am not hungry he said… I want to sleep.
They entered the room together and she sat on the bed watching him as he was removing his clothes.
Remove your clothes and lay on the bed he commanded, am on my period she said.
He ignored her and removed her wrapper forcefully, there was no pant talk less of any sign of blood.
His expression ran cold, so you’re lying to me he said with a slap on her face and he continued slapping her…hen..hen…so you’re lying to me ???
She started screaming and fighting back, caleb rushed into his parents room and started crying, daddy stop I don’t want mummy to go to the hospital again..

His father started kicking her and caleb ran out and came inside with a knife, crying he stabbed his father and he fell on her, she was surprised!!!
Caleb where did you get the knife? She screamed ..
She fell on the floor crying wishing that she had left the marriage instead of staying because of the fear of what people will say.
Now she’s here with her 5 year old son and her husband’s dead body.


14 thoughts on “5 with a Knife

  1. Heartbreaking tale! Sadly it is reality.

    “the fear of what people will say” has become the root of many regretful decisions. Domestic abuse is a horrific way of degrading a person’s dignity. It’s even worse when the children are helpless, traumatised spectators.

    Very relevant story, thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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