Lessons From Work


Happy new month Fam, I know have said it before but I feel like saying it again.
In this Post , I mentioned that I’ll be going for siwes for 6 months.
This is my third week and am sharing some lessons have learnt from work.


Don’t judge people easily, especially by how they look

Another IT student bumped into the owner of the hospital and they had a long talk and she didn’t even know, she knew later and was surprised because he was looking so simple, Like simple simple. imagine if she was rude.


 Respect is key

I thank God for how I was raised, my Yoruba mother taught me the benefits of respect, but my issue Is

You don’t deserve my respect if you’re not giving me…

Am a sucker for respect.
But work has taught me that people think differently and even if people are mean/rude to you respect them.
Your time will come and WHEN it does you won’t be the one to fight, people will fight for you.


Mind your business

I know this is not the first time you’re hearing it, trust me. I’ve heard it a lot but never really should I say listen.. when you mind your business especially in your work place your life becomes easy, nothing bothers you, you’re just doing what you’re there for.

Poke nosing brings a lot of issues.



Dress – Random boutique

Bag – Saera

Shoe – Atmosphere

Long Black socks

Can you rock this outfit to work? Have you rocked the socks trend? How?  Similar lessons? Share with us.  Any other advice you have? Share darling.



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