How to Deep Condition Your Hair


Hope you’re well in gear for a new week..I think am saying that too much now..

The only thing I go to the saloon for is to weave my hair, I do everything else myself.
So this is my deep conditioning method and I hope it helps you out with your hair.


This reduces the potential hair damage that can be caused by the shampoo. I use my old haircream, but coconut oil is more suitable.


Add a spoon full of honey or baking soda into your shampoo then shampoo normally, this retains moisture in the hair.

Apply your Deep conditioner

Apply the product all over your hair, I use natures gentle touch deep conditioner cholesterol treatment, then Cover all of your hair with a shower cap and tie with a dry towel – I use the dry towel method because this deep conditioner is very effective and heat is not good for the hair,well too much of it.




After wearing the showercap, you can also use an hand dryer.

Let it sit in for 5-15 minutes and please do not leave you deep conditioner in for over 30 minutes or overnight, over conditioning makes your hair weak and mushy.

Wash out and apply leave in conditioner and essential oils…

All done, easy right?
Your hair is healthy and well moisturised.

Hey!…Any comments or questions? let me know in the comment session below.

I love hearing from you.


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