How To Be A Better Friend

how to be a better friend:

Happy Sunday Fam!

Hope you are well in gear for a new week? This is the week that am leaving school for my SIWES and am having mixed feelings, am really going to miss my squad, taking about my squad. Let’s talk about friendships.

I have had my share of failed friendships, the girls I literally saw at my wedding supporting me, laughing hard and wiping my tears of joy ( in my head tho ) back to reality – am grateful for the few ones I have in my life and all I want to do is get better.

It is Said that between 18-24 we meet a lot of temporary people in our lives so the best we can do is to keep the real ass friends we have, how to be a better friend :

  1. Accept the person as they are, as an individual without conditions.
  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  3. LOVE and respect them.
  4. Kill your EGO – This is something am working on, I grew up with boys, am the only girl. So I blame that for my big ego ( even if maybe, it’s not)… My Ego has caused more harm than good and I have lost a friend or two because of it ( but if they we’re meant for me, they will still be here, No?
  5. Thou shall not flirt with thy friends “anything” – be it a crush, remove your eyes.
  6. Fight for them – like you can’t talk shit about my friend when am there, not because I will tell them ( of course I will) but like people don’t even do it, don’t come for my circle man, don’t.
  7. Say the truth – I am a self acclaimed semi-psychic (but on a serious note, I think I can be a psychic) when something is off with my friends partner, I used to contemplate on telling them the truth because it’s going to hurt them-and I don’t want to. but now I know better. I say it as it is! and this has really strengthened my friendship
  8. Thou shall not gossip – Don’t talk about your friend to another person, like no one needs to even know your business.
  9. Thou shall not JUDGE – This is part of accepting the person, people are flawed and if you can’t deal with them, leave! Like look at yourself, you’re not perfect so don’t judge your friends imperfection.
  10. Show Gratitude
  11. Don’t put your friends bad attitude in their face all the time, an old friend always complained about me not listening and she brings it up every gad damn time, its fucking annoying!. Like am trying my best, working on it and all you do is put it in my face.
  12. Know their least admirable character and still love and support them.
  13. Remain friends despite a persons choices in life.
  14. Always be there – Don’t tell me you love me then when I need you most you’re never there.
  15. Communicate and forgive – Talk about everything, don’t jump into conclusion because you know how your friend thinks, ask and learn to let go …don’t bring up past settled issues.
  16. Stop intruding into your friends privacy
  17. Show love and care – Magnify their strengths and don’t pick on their insecurities.
  18. Distance – Keep in touch!.. am going for my SIWES– 6 months IT.…along the road, I will be sharing tips on how to make your relationship (friendship and the latter) last, so stay glued -you can subscribe below so you don’t miss any of the juicy stuff.
  19. Don’t belittle their dreams.
  20. Let jealousy go! – It will ruin everything

Did I leave something out? or you want me to elaborate on a point, do leave your comments, I’ll love to hear from you.

Enjoy the rest of your day






12 thoughts on “How To Be A Better Friend

  1. I love these, Funke I’ve had my own share of heartbreak with friends,I’m very emotional and I take every little things seriously. So I’m not rushing to be friends with anyone for now,but it would be awesome if I have my own squad.

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  2. Am an introvert and barely hang out with anyone. Mainly because am not cool enough for them, but I honestly dont even care anymore, i used to want to keep a friendship going, checking up in them and stuff and the moment i stop hitting them up first the so called friendship dies so i dont even be bothering anymore. I have already made up my mind to just be hi hi friends with them and later in life when i meet the right ones then i can put in more work.


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    1. You’re not cool enough for them???.. they are not even worth it.
      I support your decision, I believe in getting what you give and since you’re not getting that, let them be.. like I don’t really know you, and I know you’re super cool!!
      People need to stop taking the good ones in their life for granted.


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