Destroy your Dreams


Artwork – Salvador Ramirez

Raised in this world where your friends help destroy your dreams.

Where the society is always complained about forgetting that we make it.

Where material things are the only accomplishments.

Where everything can cause you pain.

Where you feel sad and incomplete because you can’t meet your parents standards.

Where dreams are what they call it ‘dreams’.

Where ‘point of views’ are the excuse for jealousy.

Where you are safer in your head than in facing reality.

Where words are just words!

Where your happiness threatens someone else’s.

Where we are all confused but deny it.

We try to make sense of what we think is right.

Face the demons, the ones that allow for acceptance in the society.

Forgetting our amazing parts because the society will never accept.

Alive but not living because oh well we don’t accept ourselves enough to forget the things that don’t matter.



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