14 Tips on thrift shopping

I love thrift stores:

With the harsh economy, staying on budget while shopping is hard, but it’s easier with thrift shopping.
Thrift shopping is the best way to manage your budget and still slay!
I have been asked about some of my pieces and when I tell people it’s thrifted they are surprised, so a lot of people ask “how I get so lucky” when thrift shopping.

You can get some very amazing clothes from thrift shopping but not everyone understand the art of thrift shopping, it does not come naturally to some people, but there really is no big deal in thrift shopping, whether you’re a casual thrifter or wannabe expert, it’s easy to pick up tricks and be a pro in no time.

Here are some tips to help

Examine –  Always examine your pieces closely, I’ve suffered many a thrift store catastrophe that could have been prevented with close inspection of my piece before purchase like the first time I went thrift shopping I got like 2 bad pieces, one was torn and the other was stained, the stain did not go off and it was a lovely white dress.

Still bargain.. you’re thrifting, yes it’s cheap, but why get 2 tops for #500 when you can get 3 for the same prize…when you don’t bargain well and another person does, you’ll feel cheated no matter how cheap it is ( Strictly Nigeria)

Set limits –  Before shopping I decide how much money am going to spend that day, so I don’t go above my budget.

Shopping bag – Pick your bag based on your budget,big or small but sometimes it does not depend on you budget so to be safe go with a big shopping bag but easy to move around.
Check – Check your pieces thoroughly, all angles, inside out.

Don’t buy underwear … unless you really don’t mind.

To save money, go for the sellers that don’t know the quality of their clothes because they just sell anyhow. ( Nigeria)

Be comfortable, if you’re not comfortable you won’t get the best out of it.Especially here in Nigeria where thrift shopping is mostly done near the road or the floor somewhere, you have to start scattering until you find something good.
Quality over quantity, because it’s very cheap, does not mean that it’s of good quality.

Again, check properly!


If you’re buying a shirt, check the buttons – if they are bad and you can replace them get it but if you can’t replace the buttons and they have to be that particular type, just let it go. I know it’s hard.

Size – have gotten some clothes that I could not wear because they are not my size, most people are not comfortable with wearing it, you can wear it on what you’re wearing or just take a very good look at it.

Thrifted pieces can sometimes can be expensive, if it’s worth it. buy it!

Evening, things get way cheaper then.( Nigeria)


Let me know if you these tips are helpful and if you have any helpful tip share yours

I’d love to hear from you

Have a great day




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