Child bride

Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-41), The Child Bride, 1936  Amrita Sher-Gil was born in Budapest in 1913 to a Sikh nobleman and a cultivat...:

Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-41), The Child Bride.

Most people simply don’t know the extent of the problem. An estimated 25,000 child marriages occur every day. That’s mind-boggling, so much so that to many people it becomes abstract, unreal.

Gavin weston

I was at the radio station some time last month and we we’re debating on virginity, someone said it’s easy for girls now.

They can choose who they want to get married to, it’s not like before where you’re forced to marry someone you don’t love.

Little did he know that in Nigeria 43% of girls are married off before their 18th birthday, 17% are married off before they turn 15.
As of 2006, 15-20% of school dropouts in Nigeria were the result of child marriage.

These girls are treated as if they are some property, given to old men they probably hate, forced to marry and have sex at such tender age and give birth, putting their health at risk and the health of their babies.
They will be prone to domestic violence, the larger the age gap,the higher the level of control.
Kills the girl’s dreams, every girl reading this has a dream, imagine someone taking all that away, it kills the soul, your dream of being someone other people will look up. It will be buried and you will be reduced to an old man’s wife.
Causing stepbacks in the national development
They will be widowed early and due to lack of education will not be able to provide financially for her children

Education opportunities should be provided, free education mostly at the primary and secondary school.
Girls should be empowered through various programmes especially for those outside school, these programmes will help build in her a sense of financial independence, as she will be able to develop business ideas.

Child marriage has indeed caused harm and no good as it has stripped many young girls of their childhood, their dreams, their basic human rights and their health!

What are we living for if we can’t help others, even if you are helping with just awareness you are doing something.

Do share your thoughts on this issue and how you think we can help these girls, i’ll love to hear from you.


14 thoughts on “Child bride

  1. I don’t have a clue as to how to change this sickening truth. But, I will re-blog it and hope that some minds turn that way and consider possible solutions. Peace . . .

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  2. Only solution to this is to stand up against it ,No one will help you ,only you can ,its better to die then to surrender ,it will be a death of prestige rather than life of insult


      1. Awareness can’t solve such issues ,bullets are needed for such inhuman guys who molest young females ,if a guy marry any young female forcefully ,when in room ,female should shoot him and no offense should be alleged on her as its a case is self esteem


  3. Excellent and important post.
    The practice is disgusting. There is no culture in it. No traditional values. The only thing it represents like you say is the death of a girl (not even a woman) who will be at the mercy of her master husband, sexual slavery in essence.

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