Innocent and Behind Bars

Artist: Hiromi Andrew

There was something about her, Miss Stella Samson. Even though I disliked her all so blunt mouth and bad attitude, there was something about her eyes, that day I caught a glimpse of them when I was heading for the ladies room, I saw her leaving and then our eyes met, I saw a scar that grabbed my attention immediately, it was screaming to be seen, she noticed my sharp stare and quickly brushed her brown hair to the side of her eyes covering the scar.

The close of the day and I always leave late, that promotion has not come that will make me bounce out of the office at 5:00 pm like my senior workers. With my first class degree, am still on this low ending job.


Checking the offices as I usually do, the light of her office was still on, Miss Stella Stevens.

I approached her office and started hearing sounds I was not sure of, as I got closer, it increased, she was crying but I was not sure, she is the miss perfect in the office with the straight face telling you immediately to back off, Her terrible attitude annoys the crap out of me.

I opened the door slowly, the need to satisfy my curiosity will not be the death of me, I mumbled.

She saw me and quickly wiped her tears and threw the tissue away, screaming at me

“why did you open the door?? Don’t you know your place?  Are you not supposed to knock?  Stupid girl! your mates are at home, what are you still doing here?!

I felt embarrassed, she was my age mate, I am even older than her with some months, she had the nerve to talk to me like that.

She continued screaming until she started crying and fell on the floor.

I hate my life…I don’t want to go me please… I was perplexed, she was the one screaming like an hungry lion, now she’s as calm as a dove and my anger quickly turned to pity.

Whats wrong?… I asked her as I sat on the floor close to her.I perceived an odor, she has been drinking. she help my hands and squeezed it tight as though she has never felt human flesh before


Promise you won’t tell anyone… I promise, not considering what I was promising for.. all my eager self wanted to know was what could have gotten her into this terrible,disturbing mood.

Well it’s my father.

Does he want you to marry someone you don’t love? Is he dying?

She gave a faint smile with an ‘I wish’ reply.

She removed her blazer as she was saying, I lost my mother when I was 7,since then my father has been bitter…..


2 hours passed like one minute, my mouth and eyes was wide open all through

I could not close it, tears already dropping on my dress, how could he?  why so wicked!

So he has been abusing you since you where a minor and he killed his own son, your brother! because you told your brother, OMG!

That’s why I did not tell anyone since, I blame myself everyday for my brother’s death and curse myself every-time I remember.

She was standing up. Where are you going to?… I asked.



With that man?…he’s my father, I have no choice, you can’t go ….we’ll report him to the police.

He owns the police my dear……after much persuasion, she agreed to get help tommorrow

“Tommorrow at work, we will talk about this I promise and then I will follow you anywhere you want”

I reluctantly agreed but it was just a night then we will find help for her and she will be staying with me in my apartment, if she will be comfortable with my father, I do not have enough money to stay on my own.

The night was so slow. I went to the office the next morning.

On getting to the office, I immediately went to her’s, she was not there, that is unusual, so I asked around and my senior officers where surprised at my just found interest in Miss Stella.

After 2 hours, she was still not around, so I asked for her address and went to her house, I was worried…did her father find out that she told me? did he rape her again?..the most wildest negative thoughts rotating in my head, Stop!…this is the place, I told the cab man.

I climbed down and adjusted my rumpled skirt, knocked on the gate, but the gate just made way for me, Where could their gate-man be..I entered and headed towards the front door.

Entering the house, it was dark and quiet, I felt a loud bang at the back of my head….

Woke up, my head was hurting, there was something on my hands, it was a knife! someone grabbed me and pulled me up.

I heard

Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law……I opened my eyes wide at the sight of Mr Samson’s dead body, her father!..there was blood all over the white tile and on the denim skirt and floral shirt that I wore….tears gathered up in my eyes………..Miss Stella was no where to be found.

I am still serving my years in jail for the death of miss Stella’s father, I can’t still recall what happened that day, but I know that I was not responsible for Mr Samson’s death, Miss Stella is now one of the richest women in Africa, she was the only child so she inherited her father’s wealth.

I have not seen her since that day in her office with those fake tears in her eyes.

I am innocent and behind bars, writing this. If anyone ever reads this, I am innocent! but I give up, the poison will work anytime soon taking me away. don’t forget my story and the lesson espeially, let it pass on, Bye world.

Original story written by FunkeOlotu



18 thoughts on “Innocent and Behind Bars

  1. Came across ur blog from another blog and i am hooked.. Ur writing is amaze-balls. Keep up the great work,makes me want to share all i usually write in notebooks but i am not cut out for blogging.. Love ur work


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