From the past – Jelly sandals


Bet it has caught your eye like it did mine.

They are made of PVC plastic, they come in a large variety of brands and colors. These shoes became a fad in early 1980’s.

Like many Other fashion trends from the 1980’s Jellies have been revived a number of times since the last 1990’s.

This is one of those 80’s fashion trends that you just can’t ignore, the jelly sandals made a comeback late last year, it has caught my eye since then so I collated some pictures of the sandals being styled differently, I will be styling one soon.

What do you think about this sandals?

Will you be rocking one soon? and how will you style yours?

I’ll love to hear from you.


Pictures from Pinterest



14 thoughts on “From the past – Jelly sandals

  1. OMG I want one, my cousin had one during our high school days. I love the glittery ones and plain black. Please if you want a link where I can order from I would be so glad, though my annoying course Mates(ibadan local people) won’t understand the trend. Lol

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