Big nose and a skimpy dress

Artwork by Aldo Jeffrey

Our Generation has had no Great war, no Great Depression. Our war is spiritual. Our depression is our lives.
Chuck Palahniuk

Talking about childhood insecurities

Growing up I was not the noticeable one, I had serious issues with my hormones so I was very insecure about my looks, oh. Am still insecure even to write it down.. I had pimples on my face,back,chest and arms, large nose and flat buttocks.

I was bullied..that day on the assembly ground, it can never leave my head, like a scar, I always remember.

I was in SS2, on the assembly ground and my teacher screamed at the sight of my face, his voice was so loud, almost every one heard him, the ones that didn’t we’re made aware by their friends or someone standing close to them.

It felt as though my whole world has come to an end, the girl at my front looked at me. She could see the shame in my eyes and still spat these words that I will never forget “your face is worse than someone’s disease “.


I cried. Those hot, painful tears ran down my cheeks and I ran from the assembly ground raising my over-sized printed skirt that was falling up as I cried in silence not to get more attention.

My tears were my best friend, my laughter – oh that is just in my imagination, slowly I saw myself slipping. I was called ugly, the boys gave me no attention. I had no friend to talk to,.things would have been better if my mother was close to me I’ll say but she is uneducated, it was not in her place to know anything about being bullied in school, the excuse I always give for our terrible relationship,

Entering the university, I was seen as the boring, young, ugly girl…the girl that was just smart. But I wanted to be more, I got no attention,


I wore a skimpy dress for a lecture one day that showed my well toned thighs and brought out my perfect figure. That day, my crush whom has never noticed me winked at me.

I loved the attention I got and boom the next day it was gone..I knew immediately!

It was the dress, it had to be.

So I used my money and bought all sorts of body revealing dresses.

the crazy ones gained similar attention too.

From the boring girl I became one of the best dressed on campus.

I look confident, I preached it

But deep within

That little girl ……

Clothes are deeper than people think, it shows how you feel inside, it lifts you up or scatters your confidence, it is something you’re subconsciously aware of.

Do not judge any body’s fashion sense, their depression might be deeper than yours.

Fiction?..What do you think?

©Funke Olotu


5 thoughts on “Big nose and a skimpy dress

  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Funke. When I was growing up I was always regarded as the pretty one and I knew everyone wanted to be my friend just because of my looks. A lot of people told me that looks can get you anywhere and for a time in my life, I believed it as it did get me somewhere… I moved to a different country, I had no friends and no guys (that I liked) liked me. I questioned my looks and started to feel bad about it. Eventually I learned that it’s not JUST about the looks. Although I appreciate it, I don’t like when people only see me for that now as I know I am worth so much more and offer so much more than just looks.

    You inspire me and you are BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Love ya girl xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I inspire you? 😭😭😭 you inspire me! You have such a wonderful soul!
      Thank You💚💚💚

      And you’re right, people thinking one is not more than their looks sucks! And is not an healthy lifestyle.


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