Bad Habits

Bad Habits  Original Abstract painting Modern pop by fidostudio:

Artwork by fidostudio

A change in bad habits leads to a change in life.

Jenny Craig

These are some of my bad habits that am trying to quit, no one is perfect and it’s completely okay for anyone to be surprised and not surprised…lol..If you have similar bad habits, it’s time for us to stop.


I started drinking like 3 years ago,actually the first time I drank alcohol was at wedding, my uncle gave me to taste, it was bitter so I hated it but entering the university I had a different mindset towards it, so alcohol and codeine was the way, am not a drunkard it has not helped me in anyway so I have to quit.

If you have a drinking problem, talk to your friend about it, allow them help you or meet a therapist.


Drinking and drugs come hand in hand, I take Refnol. Ref and codeine together most times. My friends hate it, thank God for my friends and now am quitting it, reading about the side effects scares the hell out of me.

Living on medicines

I stress myself a lot so I usually have constant headaches also menstrual cramps or normal tummy trouble. Constant pill popping is an extremely harmful habit that will put anyone’s health at stake. Dr. Sunesara says – if you are eating a balanced nutritious diet then you don’t need extra nutrients. If the intake of any nutrient increases, it may create severe side effects. Hence, always check with your doctor, before popping any pill.

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – says Ms. Eileen – Nutritionist, Mumbai. Breakfast is very important and I wrote on how it can make you tired Here. With the stress of education, breakfast is hard, skipping it is not healthy so we have to stop.

Picking at my skin

I should stop picking at my face to avoid worsening skin issues but it’s so difficult, when you see a pimple, it’s as if picking on it will solve everything but touching it only makes it act up more.

Unhealthy relationships

Anyone in life that is not supporting your growth is not needed, sometimes you give excuse for people ‘maybe it’s because’ when you notice any fowl play cut them off! Stop surrounding yourself with negative people, because they’ll only bring you down. Instead, be around like minded people who appreciate you and support your growth.

Lazying around

I can totally stab lectures for a day because am cold and too lazy to get up, also eat and not wash my utensils immediately because am too lazy, laziness does not help anyone, it’s just bad for business and affects everything negatively.

  • Carrying an extra heavy bag
  • Wearing headphones for long hours
  • Stop beating yourself up when you make mistakes
  •  Stop competing for success. Instead, realize that the world has enough for everyone.

©Funke Olotu


4 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. Interesting write up. But drinking could be a good habit though assuming it’s red wine which is good for the heart and occasional drinking is not that bad. I had issues with skipping breakfast too. Had to dedictate a whole semester to regulating that. I don’t skip breakfast now except when fasting. Breakfast is really important. Unhealthy relationship can easily be stopped before it goes too far. Laziness and procrastination seem to be my only bad habits now.

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