Thought of being over you

To Pieces. 16 x 20 giclee art print poster by Claire Elsaesser.:

Artwork by Claire Elsaesser.

I was in it
I was not sure.

Now emotions are rotating in my head
Like fallen leaves on a cold morning

I remember when you said you cared
When you promised that your love will never leave me
When you filled my emptiness with your words
When loving you was all I clinged to
When I trusted you with my heart like you were my guardian angel
When I wanted to leave it all to you

Now that I am over you, I ask myself if the love I so praised myself of having, ever existed.
If it was my heart playing tricks on me.
If it is this easy to let go.
If am here deceiving myself with the thought of being over you.

©Funke Olotu


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