Blood stains on a jumpsuit

Egon Schiele:

Artwork by Egon Schiele

He said I should come and sit down, he will tell me a story.
My brown teeth showing as I smiled..finally! someone wants to tell me a story as I have asked my mother but she refused and told me go and sleep.

Uncle kola was one of the tenants in our house, he likes me because he always buys me biscuit and sweets and tells me to come to his self contained room to see him, but for reasons unknown I never go alone blame it on my shyness and my constant need for a confidant

After telling me the story.

I wanted to sleep and I told him, he said I should come and sleep in his house, I didn’t want to because mother has warned me against sleeping in any tenants house but he said he will give me fish biscuits.. they were my favorites, he knew it. And I smiled and went with him.

Inside his room I asked uncle kola for my biscuit but he locked the door instead, he then turned around to look at me, I had never seen that type of look on brother kola’s face, he looked at me like a predator that has found it’s prey. I got scared so I told brother kola that I want to go and meet my mother, brother Kola did not answer me.

He moved towards me, bent down and smiled, he said he wants to show me something and I should lay on the couch..
I obliged. Scared

He raised my pink dress up and I said ‘Uncle kola what are you doing?’ …he gave me an immediate scary sharp look that pierced my soul and silenced every nerve. I was terrified and I swallowed every word I had left.

He touched my thighs slowly and removed my sky blue cotton pant . Then he started touching me gently with his finger…he told me not to scream else he will beat me and he removed his dirty brown belt, I heard the sound of his zip and he placed my hands on his long black strong skin.

I had never felt anything like that, I was frightened. His hand rubbing my clitoris and for a minute it felt good, then he dipped it inside forcefully… I screamed! the pain was unbearable, like nothing I’ve felt before.

Uncle Kola closed my mouth and slapped me on my cheeks, he was angered, he looked like a beast.

Then mother called, I heard ‘Bamike’ he quickly cleaned my tears and the blood dripping from my thighs and held me close and told me not to tell my mother or else he will kill me.

Now, 13 years later, I am here standing near the dead body of uncle kola, satisfied, blood stains all over my denim jumpsuit.

I was 5.

©Funke Olotu


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